Input/review on Moto E6

I’m just curious how the RW members like/dislike the Moto E6, looking for input before purchasing one through RW.

I’m really only needing a basic phone, replacing my Moto G 1st gen.


Hi @richardm.jalqz6 - there are 36 reviews from RW members on the web site. If you haven’t seen them try this link. Scroll down and tap reviews located in the middle of the page.

Phone gets a 4.5 out of 5. Hope this helps.


Yup, saw the reviews lastnight, thanks. Not very many compared to the Moto G, the most recent reviews were marginal ratings.

Just wanted to make sure you had seen the reviews. They can get overlooked when cruising the page. Do not have the Moto E6 so can’t offer any comments based on actual hands-on experience. We went with Moto G6’s when we upgraded from our G1’s. They were at a good price point.

Hopefully other Moto E6 users will chime in with opinions!

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thanks for checking!

Lots of 3rd party reviews out there:


Yes, I’ve seen those reviews too, thanks. I’m specifically looking for RW folks.

I bought an E6 2.5 weeks back. I followed the various RW guides on activation and everything went flawlessly. I did my research on the available phones supported by RW, and since I am a light user of the “Smart” capabilities, no gaming and very little streaming, I found the E to be perfect for my needs. I’m a Linux nerd, so connecting to my PC’s was simple for transferring files. I also installed several open source Apps.
The clean Moto interface is great. Pie has a great deal of features and I have read many articles to learn to customize the phone to my preferences. The 8 core CPU and Adreno GPU run flawlessly for everything I have performed so far. I generally do not leave a lot of Apps open in RAM, so the 2GB available is plenty.
The call volume is excellent, ringer volume can be increased to an annoyingly load level. Call quality is excellent. T-Moble is much better in my area, so I get a significantly better signal strength at home. This is also something I researched before buying. I have friends that have T-Moble phones and I had them check their signal strength when visiting my home, so I knew well in advance that I would be much happier with the GSM option.
The 16GB of onboard Flash may be a problem for you if you install many Apps. You have about half of it available, since the Android OS takes up the rest. You can of course add an SD card for more storage, but there are certain limitations with regard to that. There are many good articles on the Internet that cover this, so I wont address it here other than to say that you want to use the best (speed rating and capacity) SD card you can afford.
All in all, I am completely satisfied with the E, and would not hesitate to buy it again, or recommend it.


Ah…a fellow Linux nerd! That in itself is all I need then, ha! I only use Windows when I have too and that’s at work.

I don’t surf via my phone much at all, mostly just texting, Google Hangouts with my family and Google Maps when mobile. Not many pictures, but the 13Mp camera is good enough. All my chargers are USB mini, so that’s an attractive feature…no multiple chargers.

I’m assuming you purchased the E6 through RW?


I bought the phone at Best Buy because they had the sale before RW. Essentially the same sale price and no shipping. I got the SIM card for a $1.00 at Amazon a week before the sale, so I was prepared.
I did look at the camera capabilities and the photos look quite good. I am NOT a serious photographer, nor Selfie nut.
I also like the mini-USB because I have chargers and cables in the car, and home. Really important was the replaceable battery. Almost extinct in the phone arena. The phone screen shape 18:9 and size 5.5" are also perfect. Easily fits in my hand.


Unless I come across something the next day or so, I’ll most likely go with the Moto E6. I’m waiting to hear back from RW support if they possibly have any other refurb models, but I’m leaning more toward the E6.

And yes, Linux is pretty straightforward to connect to mobile devices. I’m glad that RW has Anywhere ported for Linux.

I have the Moto E6 and I’m satisfied.

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I’ve ordered a Moto E6, should get it by Wed. or so.

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I’ve received the Moto e6, so far so good. I like the physical size, not nearly as big as my Samsung S7 and slightly larger than the Moto G1.

Performance wise, no issues. I think I’m going to be pleased with this purchase. Thanks for everyone’s input.


The E6 lacks Fast charging like the E4 has, it seems. According to the specs i find.
The camera on the E6 appears to be identical hardware to the G7 Play, which, aside from the screen notch, appears to be a far superior device and can be had at Best Buy Unlocked for only $20 more than the E6, at the moment.

Was looking at the E6 or G7 Play to replace my moms E4…sadly, neither model is made in Gold, which is what she wants.

Maybe get her a gold colored case?

Shiny Gold phone…with thin grippy black case, is what she has now…and what she wants to keep. Trying to keep her happy.

Update on the phone satisfaction…

I have had no issues with this phone. Seems to operate slightly better than the Moto G1 which I was replacing. Only only thing I can think of is a couple times during phone conversations with the same person, they stated that my voice was muffled. Cupping my hand near the end of the phone (mic location) significantly helped. I am using a case of “normal” thickness and the microphone is not covered. So maybe the mic is directional. No one else has mentioned anything about the sound quality.

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