Inputting numbers (account, prescription, ...) always adds extra numbers

What phone do you have? Moto E4 (wife also experiences this on Moto G6)

What plan are you on? Both on Unlimited talk and data and 1 Gb. Wife is on monthly and I’m on annual.

I can call any number (numbers always work fine) … but when I try to connect to conference calls where, after I’m on the call, I need to input a call # or a passcode, I type in exactly the correct code, and it looks fine on the top, but the other end of the line says my number is invalid and invariably, one or more numbers have been duplicated (wife experiences this on prescription refills as well). For example, if my conference call code is 1234567 and I type that in, I find out that there is no call for 123345677 (from the server), but my display shows that I just typed in 1234567. I try again and it will say I typed 122345667 … sometimes just one number is dup’d … but in either case, I try again and again, trying to barely touch each digit … to no avail. Quite a problem. I have missed calls after frustratingly trying to enter codes again and again and again. Since wife sees it too, I have to believe were not the only ones. Thanks,

Does this happen on Cell or WiFi or both?

Getting DTMF tones to work properly on WiFi can be a challenge…so I would recommend trying to enter them slowly with a reasonable pause between entering two digits. You may also try switching your WiFi off and forcing the call on cellular when you know you may need to enter digits during the call.

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Thanks for that. I believe it was always on wifi. I will try doing it on cell to see if there is a benefit. In our area, wifi calls are generally better, if I turn the wifi back on after entering the data … is the software smart enough to switch call back to wifi? Thanks again.

I would try the “slow with pauses” option first on WiFi and see how that works. I’ve had good success with that. The phone’s dialer display only confirms the key entered and not necessarily the key transmitted…so slowing down that process seems to help. But if it continues to be an issue…then switch over to cellular.

Yes, seamless handover of calls from WiFi to Cell and back is something that’s part of RW’s secret sauce and is expected to work… I have routinely started a call on my home WiFi and driven off and the call gets transferred to cell without any issues. You can adjust your handover settings in your RW app under
Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Manage Handover section

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