Installed Anywhere Twice, but Keeps Crashing



I tried twice to install Anywhere but, although I can install it, it keeps crashing so I can’t use it. Is this perhaps because I’m running a beta version of O on my phone? No problem installing it on my computer.

Introducing, Republic Anywhere!
Introducing, Republic Anywhere!


We have tested the application across a variety of environments. Since Android O is not finalized and is constantly in flux, it is something we cannot truly test regarding our regular service and especially during a product launch and testing environment.

I would not expect this to work until Android O reaches the final release stages within Google and we are notified of that developmental milestone. Nougat will provide you the most reliable experience today.


Thanks for the quick reply. That’s what I thought. I now wish I hadn’t started with this beta. I’m afraid to back out of it because of the stories I’ve seen regarding others who have tried.


Hi @7om8rown

Republic Anywhere is more of a server side service that keeps your message in sync across any device that runs Republic Anywhere.

If you don’t want to use it anymore, for the time being, you can just go back to your normal messaging app and everything should be the same as before. Republic Anywhere shouldn’t affect normal operations of the phone.

Then, you can check back later to see if there have been any updates with Republic Anywhere and give it another go.

What stories have you heard from others?


If you are referring to the Android Beta, than yes, those can be very volatile as they are intended for developers only. But as @happywillow0 indicated, you certainly just uninstall Anywhere from your phone and computer and go back to using Android Messages. I hope it works out though!


Thank you and @happywillow0. I uninstalled both apps. You were correct. I was referring to the Android Beta. I only heard about Anywhere today. I was wrong to get involved in the Android Beta. As you say, it is really for developers. I guess I thought of it as being like when I got into the Republic or Sonos Betas. Oh well, when you’re dumb, you suffer - as my sainted mother would say.


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