Installing the Google Phone app on a Galaxy 9?

Has anyone tried to install the google phone app on a Republic Galaxy 9.
I really liked the phone app in my Moto X and the Google app seems to be the same one.
I found this link:

Thanks for any advice.

The problem with the patched version is that is loses the spam protection feature (at least the versions I was willing to test). Without it, I’m not sure what advantage it has over the Samsung dialer. Also, the article you linked to links to a random mediafire download. That’s not something I’m willing to mess with. I trust certain sites like APKMIRROR to test the apps for viruses/malware, but a random mediafire download of an APK is just asking for trouble.


Thanks for the advice. I’ll keep what I have. It is just that listening to messages is so much easier in the google app …But I’ll get used to the xtra clicks … Thanks


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