Integrating and accessing a SD card

I love the Folder Player app because it plays and organizes my music just as I want. I recently installed a SanDisk SD card because I was running out of space, and since then my music has been changed. I had carefully organized my classical music to conform to the composers’ order but some are now out of sequence. I tried to correct this by connecting my phone to the PC and accessing the music file but the computer is wrongly telling me the sequence is OK. It takes me to the SD card, not the root directory, the internal memory where I originally installed Folder Player.

I’d like to be able to control the sequence of my playlists, make necessary adjustments, and have access to Folder Player whether it’s on the SD card or the root directory. Right now I can’t get to the root directory; I can play music on Folder Player but can’t get access to it to make the needed changes.

Any ideas on how I can fix this – to get around the SD card roadblock, or at least help me find a way to get access to my music, wherever it is? Thanks in advance.


I have never used Folder PLayer…but I can highly recommend Poweramp.
It is the best sounding and most organized player there is, in my use.

If your player app can’t access the external SD card, it most likely is a permission issue.
What phone model do you have?
Different Android OS versions have different ways or policy’s for Storage Permissions.

You may be better off contacting the developer of that app and asking them how to resolve your issue with their app. That info would be in the Google Play Store in that apps page.

One can not access the Root directory of the phones internal storage, unless you have Root access, which is only possible by modding the software on the phone to exploit a security hole to gain elevated user permission, and is not recommended. But any File Explorer app should be able to access the SD card root directory. I use File Manager by Asus.

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