Interest in something beyond Moto phones

I’m kinda tired if there Moto line owning serially the x, x2, and g5s+. Slow upgrades. Looking for the next upgrade, the oneplus 6t and 7t appeal to me most but can’t be found in stock. They both seem to be best specs per dollar. Nokia is a romantic choice, good Android updating record. 7.2 has Zeiss optics, reasonable specs.

I am concerned it doesnt connect to the 71/72 gsm band. I get wretched service at my house. We’ve tried TMobile and Sprint sim. Maybe it’s a hole in service or that the g5s+ doesn’t support 71/72. I think that band may be important in my area because my daughter’s Galaxy 7 (republic) gets good signal at our house.

So if it’s a band issue, no improvement would happen when wifi is down with the Nokia 7.2. So I still think the OnePlus 6t or 7t could be the best answer if they could be found. The both support 71/72.

So I’m babbling to say, I’m tired of the Moto line, I want OnePlus but can’t find stock, and like Nokia but am concerned about the gsm band not covering 71/72. Oh, and Samsung seems plastic unless $700 is spent.


Try the Pixel 3a.

It’s worked well for me on RW and it supports band 71 on T-Mobile. Band 71 support has greatly improved my reception on T-Mobile from all of the Motorola phones that I had previously that didn’t support them.

The Pixel 3a is supported on RW as BYOP and is likely being blown out right now because the 4a is about to launch. Or just hang on a bit and wait for the 4a.

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Weird part is our previous Moto Xs (gen 1 & 2) didn’t have the same problem with cell reception at our house. The Moto G5s+ doesn’t support band 71 but it could be this Moto model doesn’t receive signals as effectively as the X models that we had. Maybe it’s the metal body.

Hi @tamu_bu,

Band 71 would have nothing to do with the coverage experience on your Moto X1 or X2 as Band 71 is a GSM (T-Mobile network) frequency. Your Moto X1 and X2 like all legacy Republic phones were provisioned with CDMA (Sprint network) coverage.

If your Moto G5 plus is provisioned for GSM coverage, it’s likely your experience would be better on CDMA, which is possible. Candidly, if you wish to explore that, it would be best practice to start a new dedicated thread. Nevertheless, here’s how to tell which coverage your Moto G5 Plus is provisioned with:


It’s probably that the g5s has inferior receiving capability then. My wife is on republic/TMobile and I’m on republic/Sprint both with the same phone. Both setups are poor with cell signal at our house. That wasn’t the case with our X1 and X2 models.

We have great WiFi so it’s not a big issue unless power or internet service is down. We’ve lived for 2 years with the poor reception. But that along with the slow upgrades has me looking at our next phones not being Moto.

Perhaps, however, while like you I used to use a Moto X2 with Republic, I have no personal experience with the Moto G5 Plus or Moto G5S Plus.

There’s nothing at all wrong with that. I’m using a Google Pixel 4 XL and am very happy with that choice. I also have Samsung and Motorola phones in the household. I’ve not noticed any difference in cellular reception, however, coverage with either of Republic’s network partners is reasonably robust in my area.

I’ll retract my last comment about Samsung being plastic unless $700 is spent. After considering various options for new phones and wanting to upgrade, we’ve taken the plunge on Samsung S9. I realize Samsung isn’t great on update either. Also realize that the S9 is a couple of years old but we’ve never had flagships before so performance will be about 100% better than our current Moto G5S+ according to Geekbench. The build looks to be flagship - not plastic. Spent less than $500 ea. Fingers crossed on better signal reception at the house.

Think OnePlus 7t still would have been the better performance / $ but can’t get stock. Considered the Pixel line but the 4’s removed the fingerprint scan (downer). Liked the 3XL for comparable display size but couldn’t find the stock.

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