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I found an article about Republic partnering with IPass today. Here is a link: . Apparently, that is the company Republic is using for the new WiFi hotspot feature. That’s not that interesting in and of itself. However, IPass includes airplane WiFi connections as part of it’s “network” (“on 20 leading carriers”) . That is very interesting. Has anyone traveled recently and been able to connect to Airplane WiFi via the Republic WiFi hotspot feature? If you will be traveling, it may be worth a shot. I’m not sure if that is even part of the agreement with IPass, but it would be nice if it was!

Hi @mb2x,

Could you show us where you’ve seen that? My understanding is that the network includes many airport connections.

Yes. Give me a minute to pull it up.

I read that on IPass’ site when they describe their WiFi network.

It may or may not be a separate agreement. They don’t really explain. I have found that they partner with United and Gogo so far.

Interesting, and thanks for the source.

I flew United a couple of weeks ago and had to pay for Wi-Fi. :crying_cat_face:

Hmm… well, it was worth a shot. It may be worth looking into on your end to see if the agreement includes it. I must note that when IPass said they partnered with United, it had an asterisk. The asterisk said: Select flights only.

My understanding at this time is that we use a curated list, based on specific Wi-FI network requirements. While this partnership exists, it doesn’t necessarily mean every network available to iPass will be available to RW members, and availability can change.

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The company I work for used to utilize iPass for dial-up internet for business travel back before broadband became generally available. They’ve been around a while.

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