Intermediate guide to the Lenovo Rescue and Smart Assistant for your Republic Wireless Motorola phone

Lenovo Rescue and Smart Assistant, a tool for some Motorola phones


The purpose of this guide is to assist the Republic Wireless Member who finds their Motorola phone inoperable and unable to start the phones operating system (OS). The Rescue and Smart Assistant’s “Rescue” procedure can re-write (or “flash”), a fresh version of the phone’s OS when you are not able to use the phone’s own reset features. The Rescue and Smart Assistant tool has several other functions to help manage and back up your Motorola phone and I will give them a mention, but again, this guide is about “Rescuing” your Motorola phone when all else fails.

Important Notes:

  • The Rescue and Smart Assistant tool installs only on Microsoft Windows versions 7 (64 bit) up to Windows 10 (64 bit).
  • Lenovo says “The Rescue assistant supports Motorola smart phones launched in the last 4 years. Once you have downloaded the tool, you can confirm if your specific device is supported.” (I am taking that to mean, phones from at least 2016 forward.)
  • Once the software is downloaded (see Additional Resources) and installed, you will need to log into the software tool using either a Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter (and more) account, or a Lenovo ID.
  • You will need a USB data cable to connect your phone to the computer running the tool.

Table of Contents

My Device

“My Device” has two notable features for backing-up and restoring a moto phone.

Notable features:
• It can backup and restore SMS (text) messages.
• It can backup and restore to a different model of moto phone.

For more in-depth information about the “My Device” section of the tool, please see the “Additional Resources” section at the bottom of this article.

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After logging into the tool, choose “Rescue” on the top ribbon bar and then click on the “Rescue Now” button.

Using “Fastboot Mode” follow the tool’s instructions to see if your device is supported:

If your Motorola phone is a supported model and there is matching firmware, the following display will appear. Click on the “Download” button to start downloading the software image specific for flashing your Motorola phone. Once the download is finished you can click on the “Rescue Now” button.

The rescuing process will begin:

Once the rescue is completed the following pop-up box will appear:


Sometimes after flashing or resetting your phone its Android network settings can also reset.

Here is how to give them a quick check and fix if needed:

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The “Support” section offers tips and information on the Warranty and Moto Forums plus a chat-help-bot.

You can get to the Motorola Community here:

Motorola Community-Lenovo Community

You can find Warranty info here:

Home - Motorola Support - US

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The “Toolbox" section offers some features that may be useful, but are not needed to “Rescue” a phone that won’t boot.

  • Clipboard to move text between phone and PC
  • GIF maker to turn pictures on your PC into animated GIFs
  • Ringtone maker
  • Screen recorder

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Additional Resources

Where to Find the Rescue and Smart Assistant User Guide:


3.56 MB

How to use Rescue and Smart Assistant (Lenovo Rescue and Smart Assistant) - Smart device with Android System:

How to use Rescue and Smart Assistant (Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant) - Smart…

Rescue and Smart Assistant software download:

Rescue and Smart Assistant (LMSA) - US

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