Intermittent dead air on calls

I Am using a oneplus 6t that I purchased new about a month ago. I am on 3.) plan GSM with data and phone service. I have been with RW since the beginning and have been using MOTO phones for many years. I do not make many calls these days but I have realized that when I am on a call I will randomly have a short period of a few seconds when my end of the call goes dead. I believe this happens on wifi but it is hard to tell while on the call on the 6t. I have not had a chance to turn off wifi when I need to be on a call.In a few seconds I am live again and can hear the person talking as they had no indication I could not hear or be heard. I have never had this on my moto’s. Is anyone else experiencing this on or off the 6t? Is there a setting that needs changing on he 6t? And is there a charge or account reset if I put the sim back in the moto when I need to have a business call?

There is no charge or account reset for moving an activated GSM SIM from one compatible 3.0 phone to another compatible 3.0 phone. While doing this step…you do need to be connected to WiFi and open the RW app and go through a short activation cycle to get the SIM card functional in the destination phone.

For your primary issue, I would recommend that you take a look at

While the information is appreciated the cut out issue I am experiencing with the oneplus happens in places where I have no control over the router and have never had an issue over years with my previous motorolas on either of the wifi networks used the most… Since I first posted I have had a 15 minute call with someone on a landline with no issues and the calls with issues were cell to cell. Going forward I will shut wifi off when I know I am going to be on a call and see if it still occurs.


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