Intermittent disconnect from Wi-Fi

I am using a Moto G Play with 3.0 “My choice +1G” plan. The Republic Icon indicating that calling is connected to the Wi-Fi comes on normally after I connect, then after a few seconds it turns off (and the status says “cell”), then after a few minutes it’s on again, then after a few minutes off again, and so on. The WiFi status always indicates a strong signal. This has been happening for a while, I can’t pinpoint an event coinciding with it. The phone works fine but it’s just kind of annoying.

  • Perhaps one of your apps has been updated and is the culprit?
    • Boot up in Safe Mode and test
  • When it ‘works fine’ are the calls/text via Cell or WiFi?
  • Perhaps a neighbor has updated/added a new router and are killing you signal … the strong signal indicator is only the strength and not the quality

Hi @davids.2uhrc0,

A few of us in the office are seeing similar behavior. Have you noticed if this happens on multiple Wi-FI networks, or just one in particular?


I haven’t really been observant enough to notice.

Having the same issue here. Same Wi-Fi network, generally. Following for response.

  • I would suggest that you check out the action plan I provided for @davids.2uhrc0 above.
    • If you do those actions and provide some feedback (good or bad) it may help you and it will certainly help those of us who try to help others in the WiFi world, to expand or correct the advice we provide.
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Hi @alisons and @davids.2uhrc0,

The issues our engineers were investigating are now resolved. If you’re still experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues, please consider troubleshooting in more detail with the Community or in a Help ticket.

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