Intermittent service in Mexico

hello - back when i first became an RW convert, i went to Mexico city, and posted how blown away i was to be able to make a USA phone call from my new and shining RW phone. i even posted how blown away i was on this very forum!

fast forward 7 or 8 years (time flies). in Puerto Vallarta Mexico i was able to make a call once from our hotel lobby but nowhere else. but now i cannot even make a call from the hotel lobby.

obviously i get NO cell-tower coverage as expected, but i just assumed so long as i had a halfway-decent wifi signal, i could make a USA phone call.

since i was able to do this N/P when i first became an RW kinda guy, has something changed since then?

if there is a question with the wi-fi signal, i should think the phone would “alert” me that the wi-fi is not good enough for calling.

or am i missing something, like i usually do?

As phones have become larger and larger data users public venues have done things to control the amount of data that customers use. These measure sometimes include blocking streaming, blocking wifi calling limiting bandwidth per connected device, etc etc.

The Republic App does in the form of its status message. For instance here in my office where calls/texts are blocked on wifi it indicates that calling at texting are over cellular.

If you haven’t already put your phone in airplane mode and then turned wifi back on you should start with that. While this won’t allow you to make calls over a wifi network that blocks calls, it’ll force your phone to stay on a wifi call even when the network is lousy and the experience isn’t good. If you’ve already done that and you still can’t call then either the network is blocking the needed ports or the connection is so bad that the App can’t even establish the basic connection needed for calling.

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