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As I understand it, there is a hidden Sprint number for the phone to work on the Sprint system. Since I upgraded my phone I have been getting inundated with sales and spam calls. Both my “normal” number and my GV number are listed on the national do not call list. Is there anyway to find this hidden number so I can list it on do not call as well?


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Hi @djb1492,

I’m sorry to hear of the experience. Candidly, in my experience, the do not call registry isn’t worth much. I think the far better approach would be to raise a help ticket with Republic staff, so they might improve things for you. Please note there’s an ongoing system issue noted here: If you wish to get that ticket open sooner rather than later, please direct email to

The above said, to directly answer your question: How to find your phone's secondary number and stop unwanted calls to that number.



Thanks for the quick reply, rolandh.
The do not call has actually worked well for me. It did cut the number of calls significantly. I will follow the directions you gave and get that number. If it doesn’t help I will certainly follow up with a ticket.

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I also need this number. I get multiple calls from one company with notifications for one of their customers. When they search their system they don’t have my number. It must be the “hidden” number. They want to solve this as much as I do. Will request help.



Hello @maryh.kdxhmb
the link @rolandh posted and I will include in this post tells how to find the underlying carrier number (the way to do this varies by the phone you have) tell the company calling you to check that number


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