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I have a Moto X Pure Edition and will be traveling in northern Europe this summer. I have seen the posts/info about using Republic for international calls. I have seen that Google maps will work anywhere. But will I be able to use other apps such as Google Translate while in Europe with my current Republic Sim card?


on WiFi yes, Republic has no Cell coverage out side the US


Hi @jackh.uh826y,

Google Translate requires access to the internet in order to look things up. It can get that access to the internet two ways.

  1. By being connected to a Wi-Fi network that allows access to the internet. You might find such access at your hotel, an eating establishment, a library, even on the bus or train. You’ll have to take steps to connect to the Wi-Fi network, just as you would here in the US.
  2. By having access to cellular data. In the US, depending on your RW plan, you can access the internet when away from Wi-Fi using cellular data. Outside the US, since Republic Wireless does not offer international cellular coverage, the phone will not be able to call, text, or use the internet when there is no Wi-Fi.

Google Translate will not work outside of the US with a RW SIM card, unless you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Likewise, unless you download the Google maps for offline use, or plot your route on Wi-Fi and don’t stray from it, Google Maps will not work for navigation if you do not have access to the internet.


I saw a discussion on here about someone used a local pre-paid SIM that they purchased when they got to the country they traveled to.

NOTE: I’m assuming your Moto X Pure Edition is an “unlocked” phone that you brought to RW.

If so, here is what I remember (however, I’ve not tried this personally yet):

When you get to Northern Europe, stop into a convenience store and purchase a pre-paid SIM card (you might be able to find one at the airport) that will work in the areas you are traveling in. Swap out the SIM cards and activate the pre-paid card per the instructions. Use the phone as normal. When you get back to the states, put the RW SIM card back in.

  1. Don’t forget your SIM tool, if you have one.
  2. Don’t lose your RW SIM card.

If I remember correctly, they paid ~$20 for a pre-paid card for the country they recently traveled to. It had enough minutes/texts/Data to last their whole trip. They also had/suggested installing and using RW Anywhere, so you could still get texts sent to your RW number.

I tried finding the post quickly, but no luck at the moment. If the person that did this recently sees this, can you comment and provide details on how it worked out for you?



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