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Is there a way for me to place an international call with my Republic Wireless phone? I have to call a consul in Vienna. How would I do that?

Hi @joearrow,

It can be done with a Republic phone but not with Republic service. In other words, you would need to use a third party service. For many Google Voice is the obvious choice. I like Rebtel also.

Google Voice won’t let me set up an account with my Republic Wireless phone number. Rebtel want to set up a monthly fee.

I don’t believe it’s because your number is with Republic Wireless. Google only allows any number to be used once to claim a new GV number. Even if whomever had the number before you used it to claim a GV number in the past, Google will not allow its’ use.

Rebtel is not a free service (neither is Google Voice for international calls), however, it’s not required to select a monthly plan. Just tap Add money ($5 is the minimum and likely more than enough for a single call to Vienna if this is a one off). The money you add may be used for any service offered by Rebtel including international calling.

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