International Calling Between Republic Users



My wife and I are both Republic Wireless users with newer Moto G phones on the one gig data plan. She is traveling in South Africa and just called me here in Missouri. If I understand correctly, when we call back and forth, it is free wifi calling. Am I safe in assuming these are free calls? I don’t see how anyone other than Republic might charge me, and Republic doesn’t offer international cellular plans.


Hi @billm.2uho5l,

Calls between U.S. and Canadian numbers (including yours and your wife’s Republic phones) are included in the price of Republic’s service. Physical location of the phones in question is irrelevant. There will be no additional charges from Republic.


Just for clarity for someone who may be new to the concept of Republic Wireless, I’d like to add that this is possible because/when the phone that is physically in an international location is connected to a Wi-Fi network that does not block VoIP calling.

We do not offer cellular coverage internationally.


Very true with respect to the physical location of a Republic phone when traveling internationally. Mea culpa for not being more clear, however, I’m also referring to the fact that calling any U.S. or Canadian number is included in the base price of Republic’s plans. Said U.S. number could be on any carrier’s mobile phone (regardless of that phone’s physical location) and there would be no additional charges from Republic. Depending on the destination phone’s carrier and plan, there may or may not be international roaming charges for the recipient. That Republic’s phones work on WiFi in most international locations without additional charges is part of what makes Republic attractive to me.

I do appreciate this distinction isn’t relevant to the OP’s question but may be helpful to others reading.


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