International calling/texting

Does Republic Wireless has in plans to offer international calling/texting, at least to buy credits so we can call/text.

Hi @dominikam and welcome to the Member Community. I’m just another Member and do not have any insight about RW plans. What I can do is make sure you know about the following Tips & Tricks article regarding International Travel with a Republic Phone

Lot’s of good information that might help.

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Hi @dominikam,

Requests that Republic add the ability to call and/or text message numbers outside the U.S. and Canada are not new. I don’t say that intending to discount such requests nor do I oppose Republic adding those. That said, Republic has provided no indication it intends to do so anytime soon. That may change, however, Republic typically doesn’t share plans for potential new services in advance.

International calling is relatively easily added via third parties. There are some options mentioned here: Calling International Numbers with a Republic Phone.

Text messaging to “regular” numbers outside the U.S. and Canada is more problematic as there aren’t particularly good third party options for that. Most folks choose to use apps such as Signal, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. The upside is doing so is free. The downside is the other end of the conversation must have a smartphone and agree to use the same app.

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