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Does Republic Wireless service work in for international calls? My daughter will be in Colombia, South America for 6 months & I want to make sure she is able to use her phone. Thanks!

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There is a great discussion on this here:

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The basic answer is no, the phone won’t work on cellular there and unless she has one of the currently offered phones ( they can’t be made to work on cellular there, even if with a local SIM card. On unrestricted Wifi, the phone will work there, as it does here. Call/text to the US/Canada, but no calls to local numbers.


Thank you for your quick response! One more question (just to clarify, sorry, I’m tech challenged!!)…so basically, with an unrestricted wifi there, she can call/text from Colombia to the U.S.?


That’s correct.

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on open WiFi anywhere in the world a Republic phone can call or text any US or Canadian number

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