International GiffGaff SIM



I currently own a Moto G5 Plus. I am visiting London in March and considering purchasing a GiffGaff SIM card to use while I travel. They are super affordable and require no contracts. Have any of you had any experience with this company? I do not want to purchase and install a SIM and have it mess up my phone. I know that my current number and plan with Republic will not be affected, however, is it worth it to switch while I’m in London, and then switch back?

Thank you so much!


Hi @emilyw.cr3gen,

I’ve heard of but never used a GiffGaff SIm. I can’t imagine using one would cause any harm to your phone.

I have used Three SIMs in multiple supported Republic phones when traveling in the U.K. and elsewhere in Europe. If you’d like to check out Three, they’re here:

This may be of interest as well: International Travel with a Republic Phone.


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