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We have had this problem on 2 different occasions now. We traveled to London in December and just recently to Paris. I was only able to use wifi in both countries. When we left the country we had plenty of data still left on our plan. When we returned we had 0. How is that since our phones will only work on wifi… Just curious if anyone else has had this problem.

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That’s a really good question, and one I haven’t seen posed in the forum before. If I were you I would submit a Republic Help request to try to ascertain how and why this happened.

You can look at the data usage chart in your Republic Wireless app - “Cell data” tab…click on the “up arrow” in the bottom

right corner…to see the per day data usage by app.

You can slide the black markers…to zoom in to a smaller data range (all the way down to a single day)

from the default range of your current billing cycle.

If you notice any data usage on the days you were out of the country…then please submit a help ticket

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Hi @sherid.zms4ce,

Raising a help ticket is a good starting point. Likewise, I haven’t seen this question raised in Community before.

Meanwhile, it might help Community provide insight if you were willing to share which plan you’re using. If uncertain, please open your phone’s Republic app and quote, for us, what is said describing that plan underneath your phone number.

Additionally, did you make any plan changes prior to leaving for your overseas travel?

Lastly, upon your return when you noticed no cell data available, did you look at the Republic app or Android Settings to see what either might have said about cell data being used. I realize cell data use shouldn’t have been possible but knowing what if anything was said to have used cell data might prove helpful?

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