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I have a Moto G (3rd gen) phone and currently the Republic Refund 0.5GB. (I think it’s one of the grandfathered My Choice plans with added wifi?)

I’m going to be in Europe and the UK for a year or two starting next summer (2019). I need to still be able to make and receive calls and send and receive texts via this number while there. What do I need to do to accomplish that? I understand that at this point, I can only do that via wifi. If the phone is out of wifi range will texts and voicemails still be collected and once I’m back in wifi range will they be available?

Are there any additional Republic options to operating solely on wifi while abroad?


Hi @loganm.ri4y4q

The Republic Refund plan has a $5/month Wi-Fi-only option. You should switch to that just before your leave to go abroad. This plan change can only occur on your billing cycle date so you will need to schedule that as you see fit.

You change your plan using the Republic app on your phone. On the screen titled “Your phone info” touch the circle with a " + " and select “Change plan”.


please see the following bog post


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