International Republic use?

I understand this - Republic Wireless doesn’t offer international cellular coverage. When on unrestricted WiFi, you will, generally, be able to make calls and send text messages to U.S. and Canadian numbers and otherwise use your phone as if you were home. Republic phones (no matter where physically located) receive calls from anywhere in the world but make calls to U.S. and Canadian numbers only.

I will be in an overseas location where I will only have wifi access certain times of the day.
Question - If someone phones me from either U.S. or another country how do I receive their call? I am particularly interested in the other country call received, in this case Taiwan.
Will I see a voicemail message, I might not be able to return the Taiwan call with a wifi call, but I could still see the message.

I’m not clear on changing my plan while travelling to text and talk only, no data. Do I do this while still in the U.S. or when I arrive overseas?

FWIW, I have a MotoG 1st gen - I can’t use a SIM card.
Thanks for your help.

If connected to wifi you receive their call like you do at any other time. The phone rings, you pick it up. If the phone isn’t connected to wifi then the caller will get your voicemail and you’ll then get the voicemail the next time you connect to wifi.

Yes, the next time the phone is connected to wifi.

The recommendation is to do it before you leave the US.

Lots of great info in this post by fellow customer @rolandh here: International Travel with a Republic Phone

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Thanks ever so much louisdi - this is exactly what I needed, appreciate the help.


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