International Roaming nowhere near the border


I’m getting a notification that I’m on international roaming sometimes when I’m in Oakland, CA. I’m hundreds of miles from any other country.

I could see getting roaming (although it’s in a significant city), but why is it showing up as international?


Hi @danielk.osxrgk,

Most likely it’s spurious error to be safely ignored. Do you see an option to say OK to the message? Generally, doing that makes it go away and not come back. You won’t see any additional charges for international roaming or otherwise. As a prepaid service, there are never additional charges with Republic beyond monthly plan fees.


I don’t remember what the options were, I’ll take a screenshot next time.

I’ve also had notifications (in more remote areas) that I was on Roaming Data Saver. If I turn that off, and use data while roaming, does that cost me more?


Most Republic plans don’t offer roaming data. Since you happen to be on a grandfathered Republic Refund plan with your Moto G3, you do have the option of accessing roaming data. There isn’t any surprise fee for doing that per se, however, roaming data is used 18.3x faster than native data making the effective cost $274.50 per GB. Therefore, I’d suggest using it only in an emergency. Again, to be clear for others who may be reading, no surprise fee but any cell data purchased would be used much faster when roaming.

More on Republic’s refund plans here: Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund – Republic Help.

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How about talk/text when it says I’m roaming?


Talk and text is unlimited, inclusive of domestic roaming, on all Republic plans $10 and up.


Looks like I’m at least the 3rd person to have this issue since 7/30…there is this post and one other in the forum & it just started last night for me. (Of course, it happened during the middle of an emergency while I was trying to call my boss!) It’s even happening when I try to call out on wi-fi if my cell service isn’t turned off.

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