International roaming with verizon SIM

I was able to get a verizon GSM SIM activated and working in my motox4 from RW for my trip to Canada. The verizon rep advised me to turn on ‘international roaming’ on my phone once I cross the boarder, however, I do not see that option on the device. Will the verizon SIM still work in canada?

Honestly, that’s a question for the Verizon rep. The X4 you have is not modified or in any way altered by Republic so it will work the way well, the X4 and a Verizon SIM work. We don’t have any special knowledge here of what might happen. On more recent phones, I haven’t seen an International Roaming option. Are you sure they weren’t referring to the feature on whatever Verizon account the SIM is attached to?

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No, they were talking about a software setting on my phone specifically. Might just be ‘legacy’ advice for older phones which have specific ‘opt in’ settings for international roaming. Sounds like maybe this particular phone just doesn’t have that setting, or newer phones don’t. Might also be that verizon prepaid phones do have that option or something.

Maybe. I just checked a Galaxy S8, Note 9, Pixel 3XL and a LG G7 and I don’t see the option on any of them.

Sounds like I’ll probably be ok then. Gotta say, you guys have stellar support via your Q&A section. Thank you so much for your help.


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