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Does republic now work through the WIFI internationally?



You may benefit from reading the discussion here:

Central America Coverage - No more Wi-Fi only?

I believe there is coverage if you have WiFi only plans. There’s also coverage if you have a data plan, but @drm186 made some great points regarding how the handover works between cell and WiFi and the fact that you may lose messages and calls when not on WiFi.



Republic has always work though an open WiFi to call US and Canadian numbers from anywhere in the world as if you where in the US, there is no plans that cover international calling as @ndhr3d states 1.0 and 2.0 had WiFi only plans, 3.0 will still work but the Republic SIM needs to stay in the phone (one could get local cell coverage from a local providers SIM and just swap out when you need to call back )


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