International sim card for moto e 2-nd gen



I have a moto e 2-nd gen and traveling to Europe. Can I put a second sim card in this phone for local use? I see on the side it looks like it has a second slot on the oposite side of the original sim.


The Device you have has a RW supplied SIM, whose purpose is to allow 4G LTE (with the appropriate plan)
The 2nd slot you see is for a user supplied SD Card … see Moto E (2nd Gen.) Tech Specs – Republic Help
You can’t use International SIM on this generation of phone, however this article may be of interest Adding International Calling to a Republic Phone


Thanks for the answer. On one side there is a SIM slot and a SD slot next to each other and on the other side of the phone there is a slot with a white sticker hanging out of it. Do you know what that slot is for?


I no longer have an E(2nd Gen), but found this (and it looks like one person tore it down far enough to prove to himself that he didn’t have a working 2nd SIM slot see


The slot in question stores the sticker nothing more. The white sticker is bar coded with the phone’s MEID. It slides in and out but isn’t intended to be removed.

Additionally, the article @jben referenced is primarily useful for adding the ability to call international numbers from a Republic phone when home, though the methods would work with your E2 when traveling internationally and connected to WiFi. More about using your E2 outside the U.S., which is possible with the significant caveat of being WiFi only here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.

Edited to Add:

Your E2 cannot be made to use a cellular network outside the U.S. due to the modified operating system (ROM) required to work with Republic. Republic’s new phones no longer require a modified ROM to work with Republic, so they will work with a local (in country) SIM outside the U.S. A new Republic phone, however, means a new My Choice plan.


Thanks for your help. I did not realize how many variables are involved and that the manual they give you with the phone is incomplete.


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