International SIM - Still connect to internet (not for calls) via Wifi without swapping back to ReWi Card

The documentation here and on the ReWi site is a bit confusing to me. I will be going to the UK next week with my Moto X (4) on a MyChoice plan. I am trying to decide whether to get a local (UK) sim card because I wish to be connected to the internet while I’m away from wifi. I am not likely to want to make international calls (that is, calls back home to US) while there. What I’m finding in the forum and ReWi FAQs either says that one needs one’s ReWi SIM card installed to connect to wireless OR specifically that one needs one’s ReWi SIM card installed to MAKE CALLS via wireless. Does anyone know which it is? I don’t care about the making calls to US part. Will I have to be swapping my SIM card back and forth my whole trip depending on whether I want to access the internet via wifi or cell, or can I connect to either with my non-ReWi SIM (as long as I don’t care about the calling capabilities)?

Thanks for any answer you can provide.

Hi Kzoe, Welcome to the community!

The Republic SIM only needs to be in the phone if you want to use your Republic services. Abroad that means using wifi to make/receive calls back to the US from/to your Republic number. If that’s not of interest, then you wouldn’t need to put your Republic SIM back in the phone until your return home.


Yay! So glad to hear that. And thank you so much for answering this so quickly!


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