International Travel - Cafe in Scotland


I read the Republic Wireless web info on international travel and have one question related to the paragraph below:

“Republic Wireless doesn’t offer international cellular coverage. When on unrestricted WiFi, you will, generally, be able to make calls and send text messages to U.S. and Canadian numbers and otherwise use your phone as if you were home. Republic phones (no matter where physically located) receive calls from anywhere in the world but make calls to U.S. and Canadian numbers only.”

If I’m I have WiFi access at a cafe in Scotland, for example, I assume I’ll be able to use my phone as if I were at home, including full access to the Web. Could I, for example, ask Google for directions to the closest train station (and will my current location be known to Google)?


Yes, you would have access to the web without issue. Including using Google Maps, while connected to wifi. Google will know your location because GPS is independent of any cellular (or even wifi) functions.




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