International Travel Data Plan


I know while traveling internationally I can make calls like normal while on wifi. If I get an international SIM with data only would I be able to call american numbers over the data plan? Current setup Google Pixel 1 on 3.0 plan. Thank you for any help!


It would be dependent on the providers SIM, but normally I wouldn’t think they would provide calling to the US … but that’s where you would swap back to the RW SIM and use the WiFi calling.


Awesome thank you! I suppose if i am on an international data plan away from wifi i could call someone using facebook messenger/skype/etc.


Using your Republic service, I’m afraid not. This will be possible in the future via Republic Anywhere. Calling via Anywhere is currently in private beta but not yet ready for public release.

Meanwhile, about all that may currently be done when traveling internationally with a Republic phone is here: International Travel with a Republic Phone. If you want to make it look like you’re calling with your Republic number while using an international data only SIM (for free), you might look at FireRTC: Like, Republic, calls via FireRTC are limited to U.S. and Canadian numbers.



Recently I used a SIM from There are a variety of SIM packages on or you can purchase the SIM directly from Three. What I liked about their SIM is that you can activate it in the States, USA is part of their Feel Like Home program. It will only call European numbers, but as @rolandh, mentioned I was able to call US using Anywhere app while over WiFi and over Cell while roaming with the SIM from Three. I also received calls made with WhatsApp using that SIM.

I recently learned that certain countries in the EU have certain rules regarding SIM cards. Read the fine print to see if the SIM you want will work in the country you’re travelling to.