International Travel: need for International SIM

If I have WIFI in Europe (e.g., at our AibBnb) do I still need an international SIM? In other words, if I can communicate with our next-city-AirBnb host, do I need to spend the money for a European SIM? I have a Moto G6, 9.0 Pie, Choice 3.0 with 1GB data.

Republic Phones do not have international calling so in order to make local call when travailing international one will need a local SIM (it is possible though 3rd party apps to call International numbers at rate of the third party) (note Republic phones will only call US and Canadian numbers via WiFi when travailing internationally, these third party apps will also require WiFi)

If you’ve got WiFi access, your phone will work. You can’t make international calls, unless you use an app. I was able to call our tour guide in Germany using WhatsApp, since that was handling the calls, not the phone dialer. I’ve done a number of trips in Europe since joining RW, and I have yet to get a sim card. The only reason you might want one is if you’re going to be in an area away from wifi for an extended time.


Thank you, petej. What I was thinking was to use WIFI to send an email, not call. But I didn’t think of WhatsApp. So many options to consider! Thank you for your help with this.


Will Republic ever support any of the dual-sim phones? It seems like that feature would be helpful for frequent travelers.

Hi @tomasb.ubjoxa,

It’s something I’d like to see also. Ever is a long time and no one can say for certain. What history tells us is if/when Republic is ready to do so, they won’t keep it a secret.


Hi @tomasb.ubjoxa,

With the release of Android 10, Google’s Pixel 3a series now supports true dual SIM (one physical SIM and the eSIM). Prior to Android 10 Pixels required one to select either the eSIM or physical SIM as one’s active SIM though service could be tied to both simultaneously.

With A10 for the Pixel 3a series both the eSIM and physical SIM can, in theory, be active at the same time. Other Pixels still require one to select either the eSIM or physical SIM as one’s active SIM.

eSIm support in the U.S. is still pretty thin. Apple has this support document on providers supporting eSIM: Find wireless carriers that offer eSIM service. Like Pixels, Apple’s recent iPhones support eSIM.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Republic found a way to be the first U.S. MVNO to find a way to support eSIM. Meanwhile, I’m not necessarily suggesting one should try to make a Pixel 3a’s eSIM support work in addition to using a physical Republic SIM, though it would be an interesting experiment.

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