International travel to Auckland, NZ

Planning 10 days in Auckland, New Zealand for work in October. I have a Moto g7. Can you confirm my understanding of international phone coverage and answer my additional questions?

  • I believe that when connected to WiFi, my phone will be able to send and receive calls to the US and use the internet like Google Maps. Correct?
  • Does it also need to be connected to WiFi for texts from the US?
  • What about calls and texts from other US numbers who are traveling with me in NZ?
  • What about calls and texts from NZ co-workers while I’m there?
  • Can it do anything at all when not connected to WiFi?
  • Should Skype or something be used in some of these situations? Other options? Thank you!

Correct. For Maps you can also download maps in advance by following the steps here: which will allow you to use the maps without a data connection.


We can’t tell you how their phones will work while there, but while on wifi you can place calls and send texts to their US number, doesn’t matter where the phone actually is.

You can receive calls (and probably texts) from anyone while on wifi there. You’ll get nothing from anyone off of wifi. I say probably texts because not all foreign carriers will route international texts. If you can get their texts while in the US, you’ll be able to do so while on wifi there. If you can’t get them at home, you won’t get them there either.

You can do anything that doesn’t require a network connection. So use offline maps, read a downloaded ebook, listen to a downloaded podcast, etc.

The only thing Skype would add functionality wise is the ability to call NZ numbers while on wifi.


I leave for this NZ trip on Friday and I just realized I can’t make calls to New Zealand phone numbers, even while connected to WiFi. It only allows 10 digit numbers.

Also, it doesn’t seem like NZ numbers can text my phone. There were NZ people here in the US this week, and their texts to me didn’t come through.

That’s correct. You can only call US or Canadian numbers while on wifi, you will not be able to call local numbers with your Republic SIM.

This is outside the control of Republic. Republic doesn’t block inbound texts but not all overseas carriers know how to route texts to Republic phones.

You may want to review this: International Travel with a Republic Phone

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