International travel - using airlines app

Travelling overseas - my return to U.S. is via Air Canada. I can download their app - and reconfirm, check-in, pay bag fee, get the boarding pass - great option, and easy.
Using republic, am I correct the Air Canada app would be useless to me in Romania unless I had access to wifi? No wifi, no access to the app, or anything else, correct?
Or just dawned on me, which would solve my problem - can I get an international sim card in Romania and the app would work? I have a MotoX - 4.

Thank you in advance. Evelyn

Hi @evl,

Your understanding is correct. Any app including Air Canada’s that requires Internet access won’t work with Republic service outside the U.S. away from WiFi.

You’re also correct, the Moto X4 is capable of using service other that Republic’s. More on that is here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.

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Here are links to 2 key articless by RW Ambassador @rolandh that will answ

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thank you for the articles - sadly, they just make my head swim, and are basically a foreign language. I did figure out I have the GSM Sim in my phone, which I think only means I can text or call in Romania using wifi.

If I download Air Canada’s app can I use it while in Romania and on wifi?

Can I just take the sim card I have in my phone out, and in Romania purchase one that works - put it in the phone, and make a couple of calls within Romania, i.e. to reconfirm my flight possible get a boarding pass.

Its way over my head to figure out if I can phone or not phone in Romania, and how to do it.
Thank you. Evelyn

You’re welcome and sorry for the head swimming. I think you understand better that you’re giving yourself credit for.

You are correct.


Yes, it’s possible to switch between Republic service when on WiFi (helpful for calling back home) and local cellular service by swapping SIMs.

When using Republic service on WiFi, your phone will work just as it does at home on WiFi.

For local cellular service, you’ll need to acquire and use another SIM that provides cellular coverage in Romania. If Romania is the only country you’ll be traveling to, I suggest acquiring that alternate SIM upon arrival at the airport. Generally, one will find kiosks selling local SIMs there.

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Thanks ever so much for the detailed explanation - very helpful.
One more question please -
If I purchase the sim card (guess just hand the phone to them and they can install it) I can then use the phone to access the internet, and/or make local phone calls… If I want to use my normal republic wifi to phone, text, or email the U.S. I would take the Romanian purchased sim card out and put my normal sim card in the phone?

Thank you. Evelyn

Good Morning,

You’re understanding is perfectly correct on all points. If you allow someone else to install the local SIM (nothing wrong with that), just be certain they hand you your Republic SIM. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, and yep, thats exactly something I’d do, walk away without my sim card :grinning:

Evelyn - from St. Louis!! :ice_hockey::ice_hockey:

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