International Travel with a Republic Phone

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I think the concerns were with some of the information in the replies rather the original information provided. Some of the replies are not as clear as they could be and lead to some misunderstandings when reading.

Would like to suggest that when a Trip & Tricks, Help or Announcement document/topic is authored it should be locked/read only as was often done with the previous forum. As most may/should remember members would link the original topic for additional discussion or suggestions or a side discussion with link to it were created at the same time as the new forum topic.

Yes, Anywhere’s general release adds new wrinkles and I’ll work that into the content of the original post as time permits.

Community contributor blogs such as the one I wrote never had comments turned off, though blog authors had moderation powers. In other words, if I didn’t feel a comment left on a blog I had written was appropriate, I could delete it. There wasn’t an occasion I felt the need to do so.

Announcements and staff authored blogs did have comments disabled and a companion discussion thread created as you describe.

Discourse is a different environment from our previous Community. I don’t know that we need to mimic what was done there here. Staff moderators have the ability to move or delete inappropriate comments. Perhaps, that is sufficient?

ETA: For what it’s worth, the comments regarding cellular radio frequencies were left when this blog was housed in our old Community and migrated with the blog itself here. I didn’t and don’t see them as inappropriate or confusing. They were left to address particular concerns left by another commenter.


This article is interesting and helpful. Our son will be stationed in England. We are trying to gather information regarding using his Moto G 3rd Generation phone in the UK for both local calls and calls to the US. His plan is Republic Refund 1 GB. I read with interest the reference to the distinction between plans “Talk & Text” or “Base Plan”. What does it mean for the Republic Refund Plan? It seems complicated to be switching SIM cards based on the location to which one is calling. So… I’m thinking that he needs to rent a local phone for those in-country calls and continue to use his Moto G with the Republic Plan for calls to the US. Will a switch to the $5 plan be possible for him? And … in need of reassurance, does it seem like I am understanding this? Thanks for your help! Nancy

Hi @Vegemom3,

Thank you for the kind words regarding the article. I’d say you have the gist of things.

Your son’s Moto G3 cannot be used outside the U.S. on cellular. When it has a WiFi connection, it will behave exactly as it does here at home, meaning unlimited calls and text messages to U.S. and Canadian numbers. Without assistance from third party services, he wouldn’t be able to call UK or other international numbers even on WiFi. Some more on that in another article here:

Talk & Text and Base Plan are Republic’s terminology for its’ $10 plans on the grandfathered 1.0 and 2.0 refund plans respectively. Functionally, they are the same. The one advantage of the 1.0 $10 plan is the ability to switch to the $5 WiFi only plan at any time. If your son is using Republic’s $10 plan on the refund plan structure, he can still switch to the $5 WiFi only plan but will need to coordinate that with his bill cycle date. If further detail is needed on this, please open or ask your son to open the Republic app on his phone and quote the words describing his current plan underneath his phone number.

The section of the article referencing switching SIM cards applies only to Republic’s 3.0 phones. It does not apply to your son’s Republic specific Moto G3.

I wrote the article primarily for folks traveling for relatively short periods of time. How long will your son be stationed in the UK? I ask because if for a more extended period of time, buying another relatively inexpensive phone for use on UK cellular networks in addition to using his Republic Moto G3 for calls back home to the states might make more sense than renting.

I’ve recently acquired an Alcatel A30 for a household member at Amazon. For $60, it’s a surprisingly good phone. I would suggest pairing it with a SIM from UK provider Three, whom I’ve used for cellular service when traveling in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. Three would provide your son with a UK number to use locally. I still have an active Three SIM laying around. I’m going to dig it up and try it in the Alcatel. I also like BLU’s Android phones for price/performance.

Lastly, please allow me to express my gratitude for your son’s service. If further detail is desired, please let us know.


Following up on my previous post regarding the Alcatel A30 paired with my Three SIM. It’s a good news bad news situation.

The good news is the Alcatel works quite well with Three’s SIM.

The bad news is that due to limitations of the Alcatel’s hardware, it will be limited to 3G data speeds in the UK. For calls and text messaging that’s inconsequential but if your son prefers faster 4G data speeds, he’ll need a different phone. Sadly, BLU’s R1 HD and Motorola’s Moto E4 (similarly priced) would be equally limited in the UK.

Your son might consider waiting to purchase a phone for use in the UK until his arrival there.


I have a Moto G 1st Gen Phone on the old $10 plan and a Moto G 4th Gen on the $15 Clear Choice plan. My understanding is that we can use the phone in Canada much the same as we use in US IF WE ARE ON WIFI. MY understanding is that the phones will not work on cell in Canada. Please confirm. Is it necessary to put our phones in Airplane mode and then turn off Airplane mode when we have access to Wifi? In other words, keep the phone in Airplane mode unless we can access Wi-Fi. I had read this somewhere. Will text messages be delivered once we access WiFi?

you are correct there is no Cell coverage in Canada,
airplane mode will help with battery mode (and when you find WiFi in Canada you only need to turn on the WiFi radio airplane mode can still be left on for battery life)
for the Moto G4 all text will be sent by IP (data) so there nothing that needs to be done to manage text you will get them via WiFi data or when you get back to the States and the phone see a cell tower data (aqll 3.0 phones work this way)
\for the Moto G1 st WiFi mode will not effect text if Republic can not find you phone via a WiFi data connect it will forward the text to Sprint and you will not get it until the phone connect to a US based cell tower or a time out (usually hours) when they be deleted
there are 2 way to stop this from happening

  1. install Republic anywhere as you default Texting app and it will convert you Text to IP base like the 3.0 phones
  2. move to the WiFi only ($5) plan (this can be done instantly on 1.0 plans ($10 Voice and Text + WiFi data) or on billing date for 2.0 Refunds plans ($10 Base Plan) (see what plans structure you on by opening the Republic and seeing what’s under your phone number)
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Necessary, no. Recommend, yes. Otherwise your battery will drain very quickly while the phone searches for a cellular signal it can use.

On the $15 plan, yes.

On the $10 plan, no. Let me explain. On the $10 plan, when a text is sent to your phone Republic attends to deliver by data. The moment that fails, they send it to Sprint. Once that’s done, it can’t come back. SO, unless the phone happens to be on wifi the moment that the text is sent, it will be handed to Sprint and not received until the next time you connect to Sprint AND, if more than a couple of days pass Sprint will drop the text as undeliverable and it won’t be delivered at all. See the reply above this one for brilliant advice on using Republic Anywhere to solve this issue.


@patrickc.pkypbj You are correct, currently we don’t support international calling or messaging, not even to Mexico or Canada.

Once you enter into Canada, you can put your phone on airplane mode and use WiFi for all your calls and texts. Your phone will behave as it normally would if you were still in the U.S and you will be able to communicate with all your friends and family in the States.

Oh the joys of having WiFi for calling and messaging :slight_smile:

True of cellular service inside Canada, however, both calls and messaging to Canadian numbers on both WiFi and cell when in the U.S. and on WiFi when outside the U.S. is indeed supported.


Based on my recent travel overseas and follow up ticket with RW, I would like to note that I was unable to use my RW phone due to a bogus “no SIM CARD” error on a Moto X Pure activated on a Clear Choice Plan. The phone worked fine for a few days…but then randomly started giving “No SIM Card” error message. I was pretty sure there wasn’t anything wrong with my SIM card…as there was no physical damage/trauma to the phone during this entire time. Once, after a few restarts the error message went away…but then prompted me to restart the phone to complete activation at which point the error returned and stayed on for the rest of my overseas travel. The moment, I landed back in the US the error message went away as soon as it picked up a cellular signal.

RW support acknowledged this as a known issue and recommended that I remove SIM card and use a local SIM card. But if you expect to be able to continue using your phone on WiFi…that can get hampered by this scenario. I have had good success using my 2.0 Refund plan Moto X1 for an extended time in airplane mode during my previous travel to the same location and on the same WiFi.

3.0 plan members should be aware of this potential issue while traveling overseas.

Not sure what you were experiencing, but my mom just travelled all over Europe, for over a month, with her Moto G4. Everything work exactly as planned. Not a SIM card error to be seen.

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I’ve use my RW phone in England on several occasions (with 3.0 and prior versions) and had no issues with making WiFi calls. Sorry to hear that @amltl had issues during their trip. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hello & thank you in advance for your help!

I’m traveling to Paris with my Moto G4 and even reading through the answers, I’m still a bit fuzzy. : )

Which of the following can I do with Wifi access and no SIM card?

text Paris phone #
call Paris phone #
text US phone #
call US phone #
access gmail, google maps, FB messenger, Lyft, etc apps

I won’t really need to use the phone to call, since I’ll be staying with someone with a phone.
If I can access Apps via Wifi, I feel like I can go a couple of weeks with no SIM card…

Thank you!

Assuming you mean the Republic SIM in the phone, see answers below.






Recently returned from trip to Germany and Austria. My wife and I have Galaxy S7 s. We never had a problem connecting to any WiFi network. We were able to make calls to the US, use text messaging and the internet just like being at home.

I installed TunnelBear VPN before we left and paid $10 for one month of unlimited data. That included both phones. There is no need to buy another phone.

While traveling in Malaysia on WIFI, I have had trouble with SMS messages showing up and also with VoiceMail indications. If you cannot see the VM icons, you can’t listen and don’t know! Is there a possibility of an enhancement to the Republic Application for this? Thank you! All this was while using a DEFY XY. I am now on a MOTORLA G4.

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