International Travel with a Republic Phone


I’m sorry, but again that’s just wrong. The Republic SIM doesn’t contain some magic power that does something to the phone. It is, well, just a SIM.


I am traveling to Ireland on Saturday. I’m debating between Rebtel or some of the other options listed above for any calls I have to make locally while there. I’m not too worried about being able to connect on the wifi to call/text home.

What services/apps have people had experience with and recommend?

I like the looks of Rebtel. It says on the app page for the Google Play store they go off the local towers, but I don’t know how well that works with our phones when out of the country.

If it helps I have a Moto G4 Play (I hate it and will replace it later, but it works for now).


I have a Moto G5+ on RW 3.x service. I just returned from New Zealand. I bought a pre-paid SIM from a local provider (Spark) there so I could have cell data, specifically using Google Maps while driving. $20 would get me 1GB of data, and some amount of local voice minutes with a local phone number. I just swapped the SIMs, rebooted, and it worked.

Since I use Republic Anywhere for texting, and it basically behaves like an over-the-top application, I was able to send and receive SMS and MMS using my original Republic number, even while the Spark SIM was inserted in NZ. I just needed an IP connection, either Spark cell data or local wifi. Great for keeping in touch with folks back home. Texting to the Spark local number did not appear to work, even with another messaging app, but I didn’t pursue that.

When I returned back to the US, I put my Republic SIM back in. I did need to get a wifi connection before my phone would get provisioned.

Just wanted to share my experience. It was important for me to have Google Maps while away from wifi. I made only a couple voice calls with the Spark SIM.


For what it’s worth, I’ve found if wanting to use Anywhere over the top with a non-republic SIM resident in the phone, I’ve needed to remove the Republic (not Anywhere) app for this scenario to work reliably. Of course, this means reinstalling both the Republic app and SIM when wanting to take advantage of WiFi calling back to the U.S. and/or Canada.

An “easy” solution would be for Republic to add calling to Anywhere :wink:. When that’s done, the need to swap SIMs goes away.


I’ve been using the Republic Wireless Clear Choice plan on a Moto E4 phone for about a week, and so far I’m very happy with the way things are going.
I’m planning a trip to Europe for the holidays, and now I’m trying to figure out how to use my phone while traveling abroad. I don’t need to make local calls to numbers in Europe, but I would like to be (at least occasionally) available for calls from the US. I will have WiFi access most of the time.
From what I understand, my phone will work normally when I’m in WiFi range, for data, voice, and texts. And once I’m out of WiFi range, my phone won’t work, is that correct? This would be completely sufficient for me, I don’t need to have service 100% of the time and I’d rather avoid unexpected roaming charges.
Do I need to change any settings on my phone for this? Like, going to Airplane Mode and turning WiFi on? Or will my phone work in this way automatically?
Thanks a lot in advance!


your understanding is correct in an open WiFi network the phone will work the same as on an open WiFi network in the States. There is no International coverage so there will be no Roaming charges (and as a prepay service there will never be an charge before uses and you will need to confirm any change before the charges)


Great, thanks a lot! That helps.
Does that also mean that I don’t need to change anything about the phone configuration?


There is nothing that needs to be done, but you can turn off the cell radios by turning on airplane mode and turning WiFi back on


That helps a lot, thank you.

Automatic text reply

Hi @rolandh,

Would you consider updating this paragraph to more emphatically advise our members to operate the phone in Airplane mode with Wi-Fi enabled for the duration of the trip? Doing so will prevent the phone from seeking a cellular signal and, failing to find one, presenting a cellular configuration error that makes the phone inoperable.


Absolutely not, kidding. :clown_face: I see you and I responded in the same thread earlier and that you reference a useful support note I’ve yet to stumble over. The serious answer is yes, however, it will be later in the day, perhaps tomorrow.


Well, I could always do it for you, kidding. :smiling_imp:

Thank you. At your convenience, of course. We appreciate it.


You’re most welcome and it’s done!


Hi! I have a Moto X (2nd gen) and have never been able to get internet to work while traveling overseas. It always enables me to connect to Wi-fi, but I can’t access the Internet. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong… Any tips? I’ve tried it both in airplane mode and manually turning on Wi-fi and without airplane mode turned on.


Hi @heatherh.0euvcb,

From your description, it sounds like you’re not accepting the Terms and Conditions required by these WiFi networks before Internet access is granted. Theoretically, one should be automatically redirected when one connects to the network but reality isn’t always that simple. Perhaps, this will help: Terms and Conditions Page Isn’t Automatically Showing to Connect to WiFi – Republic Help.


@rolandh, you are a genius! That worked. Thank you!


Me, no. You quite accurately described your experience, which made it relatively easy for me. If you think being able to convey one’s experience using words alone (so that others might help is easy), my experience is that’s not common. Thanks for making me look good! :grinning:


Is this correct?
So for a MOTO G5 Plus (3.0 phone) if I replace the RW SIM card with an Italian SIM card (popular cell services are WIND TRE, TIM, or Vodaphone), I will be able to use cell towers for 3G, 4G (Google Maps, Yelp) and still use RW Anywhere for texting home (if I am on a WIFI).

What do I lose then, by removing the RW SIM card ?


that is correct
the main thing you lose is calling the US and Canadian numbers while on WiFi (unless you are part of the Anywhere calling beta)


Thank you
When I get to my destination in Italy, I will find a store that sells a SIM for WIND TRE, TIM, or Vodaphone !
Hopefully they will put it in and set it up for me.