International Travel with a Republic Phone

Question: is there a simpler way that doesn’t involve uninstalling (potentially just disabling?) the Republic App to have local texting? Can I set the stock Android Messenger as default instead of Republic? I’d love to be able to swap back and forth between local and US (Republic) texting… And I have a Moto Z Play with 2 Sim slots, so this is potentially possible. Obviously both at once would be even better, but it sounds like that isn’t possible.

Either way I’ll know by the end of the week, so if I don’t hear back I’ll let you know!

The Moto Z Play with 2 SIM slots isn’t supported by Republic.

And yet mine works great on Republic and has two SIM slots.

Officially, there isn’t a different model number for dual SIM. I checked in to it a while back. The issue is specifically which firmware is installed; anecdotal reports indicate sometimes dual SIM works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Haven’t had the chance to test it yet, but like I said, I’ll try before we leave and report back. I can’t imagine enabling stock Messenger instead of Anywhere wouldn’t work but… Stranger things have happened.

I assume you moved an already activated SIM. It may stop working at any time. I would bet that it will.

True, not a different model number, but the dual SIM version is a gray market phone in the US and not sold here by Motorola. It is not on the US software build. This is why it is incompatible.

Finally, using an unauthorized phone is a violation of the TOS. Should your phone end up doing things it shouldn’t (such as use the underlying carrier infrastructure) you’ll be subject to termination of service (usually after a warning).

This doesn’t belong in this thread, so I’ll be brief. I suspect a misunderstanding.

“I assume you moved an already activated SIM. It may stop working at any time. I would bet that it will.”


“but the dual SIM version is a gray market phone in the US and not sold here by Motorola. It is not on the US software build. This is why it is incompatible.”

Incorrect. It is, as stated, the exact same model. Republic supports it. It is the BYOP phone. It is on the US software build, it is a US unlocked phone. They do NOT support dual SIM.

“Finally, using an unauthorized phone is a violation of the TOS. Should your phone end up doing things it shouldn’t (such as use the underlying carrier infrastructure)”

It’s the authorized BYOP model.

My question wasn’t how do I break things, my question was how to use local texting after inserting a non-Republic SIM card if I use Anywhere for messaging, relevant to the topic. If it was possible to do so without uninstalling critical Republic service component apps, which in turn might make it possible to switch back and forth (i.e. by switching SIM cards). The dual SIM phone is just a bonus (and an eye to the future).

I stand by my original statement. The dual SIM model is not sold by Motorola in the US. It is the Brazilian model which is imported. You can read more about it here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

It is most certainly NOT. The only authorized model is the SINGLE SIM US Version. Period. Just because the model number is the same, doesn’t make it the authorized model.

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Hi @bobgod8,

If I’m understanding your question, I believe the answer is to take these steps:

  • Install an international SIM
  • Uninstall the RW app
  • Install a text messaging app that SIM card supports for the international numbers.
  • Use Anywhere just as it can be used on any tablet or computer for your US/Canadian contacts.

Texting with Anywhere in this manner will use cellular data on the international SIM card.

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I’m reading this with great interest as I’ll be heading to Austria and Hungary in several months. I’m now on an RW MotoG5+, but I also have my old Moto X2nd gen in a drawer. I believe the specs on the Moto X said it was both CDMA and GSM, so I was planning on getting an international data sim card and using that instead of monkeying with the phone I use every day. Has anyone had luck doing this? When I put in the new sim card the phone kept trying to activate with RW. There’s no way that I can see to delete the RW apps on the phone either, so I’m stumped. Any suggestions other than just buying or renting a phone in Europe?

Hi @cliffordk,

Due to the custom operating system (ROM) on your Moto X2 it’s only compatible with Republic’s network. No other service provider’s SIM (domestic or international) will work in the X2.

A variation of the two-phone solution you’re contemplating can work. Prior to leaving, you would need to move your Republic service from the G5+ to the X2. An advantage of this approach is you would be able to select the $5 WiFi only plan for the X2 since Republic offers no international cellular coverage anyway. With service moved from the G5+ to the X2, the G5+ would be available to activate with a local (in country) SIM where you’ll be traveling. Upon return home, simply move your Republic service back from the X2 to the G5+. So long as the Republic SIM currently in your G5+ won’t be deactivated for more than 20 days (by moving Republic service to the X2), that’s pretty much all there would be to it.

If more details are required, please let us know.


Thank you so much, I hadn’t thought of revering my plan! I appreciate the quick response!


I am going to Australia, it seems there you can insert one of there sims and use phone on a monthly rental plan. I see “unlocked” mentioned. I have a MotoE 2nd, its suddenly become very slow, so am thinking of getting MotoE 5th G. If I get from Republic is it “unlocked” if notr can I buy unlocked and use with Republic?

Any help appreciated.

Currently the Moto E 5th gen Republic supports is the Moto E5 Play, this is the unlocked North American model and should work on the Australian networks,
I will note that the Moto E5 Play is a GSM only phone and will not be able to use your current CDMA (Sprint) coverage for Republic but use Republic’s GSM partner (T-Mobile)

Hmmm, good and bad. Thanks for info!! So if I buy from Republic likely can use Aus SIMM. If I buy same phone from say amazon would it work/be the same as Republic one?

Will check the coverage map. Do you think not having CDMA is big deal? I live in Reno NV and do go to sparsely populated areas of NV and CA.

Also what about 4G, I have not looked into it much but can the Mote E5 do 4G too? Been awhile since really looked into cell phone tech, just been using them.

Found specs on moto site: Networks + bands

4G: TDD LTE band 38/41(Full) FDD LTE band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/14/17/25/26/29/30/66
3G: WCDMA band 1/2/4/5/8
2G: GSM band 2/3/5/8 CDMA BC0/BC1/BC10‡‡

SIM card Single Nano SIM

So this looks good, it seems very flexible. Cheers

the Specs listed on Motorola’s site include CDMA as there are carrier version of the phone that do include CDMA just not the North American Factory Unlocked model that Republic uses (for the Moto E5 Play the model number is the XT-1921-2)
as for weather or not GSM coverage will be acceptable one can look at the coverage maps
for GSM it Coverage Check | Republic Wireless
for CDMA it’s Coverage Check | Republic Wireless
I will note most budget phone have chosen to save cost by removing the CDMA radio (LTE is an offshoot of GSM and uses the same radio where CDMA needs it’s own)

all phone other than the legacy phone Moto G 1st Gen, and Moto E 1st Gen have 4G LTE (though those using Legacy phones on the 1.0 plans my limited them to just 3G by selecting the $25 3G data plan vs the $40 4G LTE plan) (2.0 Plans on have always had 4G LTE as the only data option (falling back to 3G when there no 4G LTE)

CDMA is on it’s way out (Verizon is shutting down it’s CDMA network at the end of next year and Sprint has said theirs will go way sometime in 2022 {though may be moved up by the Sprint/T-Mobile merger/takeover) (this is to make room for the roll out of 5G which as far as phones are concern they are not in the market place yet (the real value of 5G is Internet of things and Fixed Wireless and is not currently needed for phone connection IMO)


Very informative, thanks!

Ok, just to clarify:
I have a Moto E4 phone and will be going to New Zealand. I know that I can use the phone easily wherever there is free Wifi, but I am also planning to get a NZ sim for use when out of wifi range. Here’s what my Kiwi friend recommended:

“The sim card itself will probably be about $5-10, and then you’ll have to put some credit on it to use it. I’d suggest you just go on pre-pay, i.e. you put some credit on your number and then get charged for what you do (rather than a monthly plan). I think most cell companies offer various combo packs, where you pay $x and get so much data, so many texts and so many minutes for the month.”

Does this sound right? Thanks so much for your help!

yes this is how it will work,
just to note that the free WiFi option of using the Republic number to call back to the USA will only work while the Republic SIM is in the phone

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Hib @jennifera.5rudrd,

There is a way to avoid the SIM swapping shuffle while traveling to New Zealand with your Moto E4. It involves temporarily canceling Republic service on your E4 (don’t worry you can bring the number back upon return home). I won’t go into details unless it’s of interest to you.

Thanks. I actually don’t see myself making calls back to the US much at all. I think I’ll just stick with the sim swapping!


Hi there!
My husband and I are traveling to England and France this summer for about a week and a half. We would like to be able to use data with one of our phones–probably my Pixel 3.

I read the first message on this thread (not all the rest though) and did some additional research, and I think the easiest way to access data abroad would be to switch temporarily to Google Fi. Since I have a Pixel 3, I don’t need to get a Fi SIM card, I just have to download the Fi app and sign up.

I’m not planning on transferring my Republic number to Google Fi. I’ll just have a different number for a short time.

So here are my questions (so far):

  1. Do I have to remove the Republic SIM before switching to Fi?
  2. What do I have to do to “come back” to Republic once I’m back in the US? (I assume my SIM card will still be good because it will be inactive for fewer than 20 days.)
  3. What will happen to phone calls/texts that are sent to my Republic number while I’m away?
  4. Will I lose my 10% Beta Tester discount if I switch to Fi for a short time (without moving my number)?