International traveling using wifi with new plans to make and receive calls/texts

This may have been answered already but I would like to know for sure…

We travel internationally quite often and use our phones on WiFi to call home / receive calls and texts with our Republic My Choice plan (we turn airplane mode on and WiFi on). If we switch over to the new plans (I have a moto X4 and a moto G7 phone on the plan), will we still be able to do these things? Based on the compatibility website, it seems like we cannot. If that’s the case, then I guess we could use a 3rd party app (whatsapp, signal, messenger…etc) to do this but it seems like going backwards as some users have stated… One of the reasons we switched to Republic many many years ago was for that feature.

Our 1 year “contract” is up next month and I’m trying to see what my best option at this point would be… renew it, get one of the new plans, or leave.

Hi @orangegecko,

Generally, this scenario would work on Republic’s new 5.0 phones the same as it does on My Choice.

I’m very sorry but here comes the caveat to what I just wrote above. One’s phone must support WiFi calling on the network their phone number is hosted on. My Choice was designed for Republic’s proprietary technology, which hosted numbers on the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network of My Choice cellular coverage is provided on either T-Mobile’s network or Sprint’s but your Republic phone number is not hosted on either network.

With 5.0, Republic has moved away from its proprietary technology and is relying on the infrastructure of its cellular network partner meaning the network partner is providing cellular coverage and also hosting Republic numbers on 5.0 plans. As you’ve correctly observed, neither your Moto X4 or Moto G7 support WiFi calling on AT&T’s network. For what it’s worth, both would work with 5.0 plans in the U.S. but you would be relying on the cellular network entirely for calling.

The third party apps you reference would work because they route calls over a data network (WiFi or cell). Is Republic’s move away from its proprietary technology a step backwards? For those with My Choice compatible phones not supported for WiFi calling on AT&T’s network, I certainly wouldn’t blame them for thinking so. However, many of the things some have requested (a “real” mobile number for use with services such as Venmo, Twitter, banks, etc. and expanded phone choice) would not be possible without Republic moving away from its proprietary technology.

Sticking with My Choice either by renewing your annual payment or on a month-to-month basis with your current phones is one option. Maintaining Wi-Fi calling and moving to 5.0 plans would require new phones. Should you decide to seek service elsewhere, don’t presume your Moto X4 and/or Moto G7 would be supported for WiFi calling. Depending upon the network used by another provider, they may or may not.

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Thanks for the info @rolandh. Just wanted another set of eyes on my understanding of this situation and what I believed to be true… We’ll be looking at our options and might end up doing another year here to see how things pan out…

If we pay for the whole year, and decide to leave in 6 months, do we get the difference back or forfeit it? And if we do end up leaving I’ll be sure to check if our phones are supported by the new network provider.


As a matter of policy, Republic doesn’t issue prorated refunds for unused service already paid for (annual or monthly). That said, depending upon individual circumstances, one might ask Republic for consideration.

Republic will credit (not refund) unused My Choice service already paid for toward future 5.0 service if one decides to move over.


Like you, my wife and I travel internationally (less now due to covid but hope to resume). I ported my number to Google Voice which now hosts that number much like Bandwith did with RW. I then got a new number with RW (by opening a new account). Google voice forwards my calls to my RW number. The Google voice app works for making voice call and texts over wifi anywhere in the world. All of my contacts call and text the same number they always have.

If I go from 4.0 to 5.0. I can be sure that wifi calling and texts will keep working for me, anywhere. If I later change to another provider, I won’t have to port anything, just change the number GV forwards to.

A couple of things about Google voice. You can’t port a VOIP number (like a 4.0 number) directly to GV, so you would have to change to 5.0 first. Also, like 4.0 numbers, GV numbers sometimes aren’t accepted as “real” cell numbers (but you will be able to give your actual RW 5.0 number for that purpose.

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