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I have a trip to Iceland planned for the end of November. My current phone has a CDMA SIM. What do I need in order for my phone to function in Iceland? I have a GSM SIM from my travel to Australia in February, 2019, but I have a handwritten note with it that says it “expires 5/15/2019”.

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Others who travel Internationally more than I do might have some other helpful suggestions too!

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Hi @dinah.ney6ux,

For travel to Iceland, you will want to temporarily replace your CDMA SIM with a Republic GSM SIM as it sounds like you did for travel to Australia. Previously active Republic GSM SIMs expire after 20 days, so presuming the referenced GSM SIM is a Republic GSM SIM, you’ll need a new SIM.

Have you already reached out to Republic on that? If not, please don’t buy a new Republic GSM SIM and let us know.

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Thank you for your response.

I did inquire at Republic about a GSM SIM but have not purchased one from them. Is there more I should know?


Hi @dianah,

Generally, Republic will provide a complimentary GSM SIM for international travel. I didn’t want you to purchase a Republic GSM SIM when typically Republic offers to provide one on a complimentary basis.

It’s important to note a Republic GSM SIM will not provide cellular coverage outside the U.S. No Republic SIM provides cellular coverage outside the U.S.

The reason behind using a Republic GSM SIM when traveling internationally is an interaction between a Republic CDMA SIM and local cellular networks outside the U.S. can result in the phone being unable to make WiFi calls outside the U.S. also.

If you need local (in country) cellular service for the trip to Iceland, there may be local options that would work with your phone. If desired, more detail on that would require you sharing the brand, model and generation of the phone in question.


Got it. Thank you.


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