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I have a Moto G 1st gen, with call, text, + 3G service. I will be traveling to Colombia for 6 weeks and would like to be able to use this phone there if possible. Here is the information I have gathered from my searches:

-1st Gen is incompatible with most other SIMs, so buying a Colombian SIM card is not really an option.
-I can call and text US and Canadian numbers while I am abroad for no additional charge where WiFi is available.
-I can use WiFi only apps such as WhatsApp while I am abroad for no additional charge where WiFi is available.

This seems reasonable for me (as in, I don’t need much more than WhatsApp or limited access to US contacts). However, when I have brought this phone abroad previously, I get a message that says I am out-of-country and international roaming may apply. I’ve seen suggestions to turn the phone on airplane mode and manually allow WiFi.

Can someone walk me through this process, or provide any additional detail about using this phone while abroad?

Thank you!

Your phone has no SIM card at all. You can still use it anywhere there is an unrestricted WiFi Internet hotspot. Read; International Travel with a Republic Phone

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Here’s a quick how to and you should find other good info in the link seanr provided. There are a couple of ways to do this. The easiest way is to use Quick Settings.

  1. Swipe down (twice or once with two fingers) from the notification area to access Quick Settings. Tap the grey Airplane mode to turn it on. You then tape the WiFi icon to turn it back on.

  2. Use phone Settings - More - Airplane mode. And then choose WIfi in Settings to turn it back on.

You"ll see the Airplane mode icon in the top left notification area until you turn it off manually.

Good luck in your travels.



Thank you!

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