International Use of a Moto G

Can I use my phone in Italy, Greece, Spain and Malta with an International Calling Card without additional fees?

There is no cellular coverage outside the US.

You can use your phone to call/text to US and Canada numbers while on WiFi.

There are no additional fees for calling/texting while you are WiFi.

While on WiFi, you can use international calling cards that dial US access numbers

to make calls to your destination country.

Public WiFi availability is quite good in Italy based on personal experience. I am not as familiar with the other countries

on your itinerary in terms of WiFi availability.

I had been informed that I could use my phone in the “Airplane Mode” while in Europe. Is that true, and if so, would I still need an international calling card?

Since there is no cellular service outside the US, it is a good idea to place the phone in “airplane mode” to save battery life.

You will need to turn WiFi on (whenever WiFi is available) - to make calls/text to US and Canada numbers.

If you want to make local calls while on WiFi then you will need to use international calling cards or

you can use third party apps such as Skype…they will have their own charges to complete these calls.

Placing the phone in airplane mode only shuts off its cellular radios. It does not in any way enable the phone to make calls/text.

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