International use

  1. I see that I can make wi-fi calls from Mexico to the US, but will the person I am calling get charged since the call is coming from Mexico?
  2. Can I text back and forth to the US while I’m in Mexico if I’m in a wi-fi zone? Would the person I’m texting get charged?
  3. If I take my phone out of a wi-fi zone in Mexico, do I need to turn off roaming to avoid data charges?

1&2) Republic phones will work on open WiFi the same way they work on open WiFi in the States (unlimited calls to US and Canadian numbers) Note you must keep the Republic SIM in the phone to do this,

The Person your calling will not see an international number so no addition charge other that what they would be charge for a landline in the US (Republic numbers are landlines and with some other carriers will have long distance cost if the number is not in the right rate center

  1. there no international coverage so your phone with Republic SIM installed will not work on local towers so there is no charge, note you can swap out the SIM with a local on to get local calling
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