Internet but no gmail when off WiFi (Moto E 2nd gen)


Maybe something from this thread at the Gmail Help Forum will help:!msg/gmail/wmL3jJ9TsPE/zh2_u9G9AQAJ


Yes. I finally realized that I could get my mail that way. Not quite as nice as the Gmail app, but I’m totally delighted that I can get it. Again, many thanks to you and everyone who helped me!


If it works through Chrome…then there is nothing inherently blocking cellular data being used for gmail. Uninstall/Reinstall of the gmail app is worth a try.


Sorry, but I already did that.


Ok, sorry just wanted to make sure we didn’t skip that alternative. This one is a strange one… if you ever figure it out…do let the community know. My guess is that a factory reset will likely clear it up…but doesn’t seem worth the hassle if the phone is otherwise functioning normally.


You (and other Republic folks) have been most kind. I really think I’ve tried all the suggestions. As you said, the hassle of a factory reset seems like too much, since I now can at least see my emails using Chrome. I find it curious that at least one other person has my problem (!msg/gmail/wmL3jJ9TsPE/zh2_u9G9AQAJ as cbwahlstrom suggested on 1/15. I tried all those fixes, also. Many thanks again!


You can access your Google mail through the Inbox app. However, it’s a different design than gmail and will be going away in a few short months (unless it lingers). You could try downloading it and seeing if you can check your mail that way. It may be better than using the web to check your email. And it may be interesting to see if it works or not in that app.


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