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I am interested in internet service as shown in the following video. is this possible with republic?

Sorry, but no.
Republic is a unique cellular phone service provider that is focused on Wifi use first over mobile data usage.

Republic only supports certain model North American Factory Unlocked Android phones and the cost of service on the My Choice Plan is $15 base + $5 per 1GB of mobile data.

Republic does not provide internet service, nor do they support a LTE router at this time.

Also, that would be pretty expensive to replace your home ISP with a LTE based service. The cost and limited data allotments of LTE are far more expensive an option.
LTE based routers are ideal for locations that have good enough cell signal, but do not have good ISP option. Or, for traveling, camping etc.

If you could share with us what ‘problem’ are you attempting to overcome, the community may be able to help you a bit better.

  1. Are you trying to replace an Internet Service (such as AT&T, Comcast etc)
  2. What is your your estimate current/future data usage?
  3. Do you have good cell coverage where you are?
  4. Other things you think of to help elaborate on the question

Thank you very much. It looked too good to be true.

I do not have good cell coverage. That’s what lead me to Republic in the first place.

  • You may want to see which carrier has the best coverage at your house.
    • One method would be to use Root Metrics Coverage Map This will allow you to select your address, and then compare the available coverage by selecting different carriers. Remember the numbers are negative, so -95 is a much better signal of -113
  • You are possibly just looking for a good Hot Spot, and a carrier that you could connect to via Cellular 4G, and this may help you gather the info you need to determine if that’s a viable solution.
    • Once you can establish ‘if you have any’ cellular coverage post back so the community can offer some real feedback based on their expierence.
  • I did some checking on the 4G router you referenced, and there is ver little data available to base a recommendation on

I have downloaded the Root metrics app and tested the coverage here at my location. It is very spotty and would not support internet level service. My Republic service accessed over internet (cable) is a life saver, so I will just give up the thought of 4g internet now. Thanks for the advice.

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