Into the Unknown

I just signed up for the 5.0 2 phone 1GB plan. Price wise it will be about $3/mo. cheaper than my current 2 equivalent 4.0 My Choice plans. Since there is zero cell coverage on any network at home, and very spotty coverage in NE Pennsylvania, I have maximized coverage by having one phone on CDMA and one on GSM.
The first unknown with moving to the 5.0 plans is, there seems to be no way to really determine around here if the single RW MVNO 5.0 network (AT&T) coverage is better/worse than what I have now. Coverage maps are useless here.
A second unknown is how much data throttling/prioritization is applied to RW’s MVNO AT&T coverage, and when/where. All the info I can find is inconsistent across all MVNOs, and closer to anecdotal than scientific.
But I decided to leap into the unknow anyway, largely because my experience with Republic Wireless since the Beta days has been fantastic. Their prices may not be the absolute lowest, but they are competitive, and their support and customer forums are the best. I believe RW has looked out for its customers better than the absolute cheapest competitors. However, it still does make me a little nervous stepping into the unknown.


My new plan is around $3/mo cheaper as well.

@mistermike, I would be interested in reading a review from your experience on the 5.0 plans 7 and/or 30 or so days from when you’re activated on it if you don’t mind. I ordered the new plan on the first day it came out (after 3pm EST though); I’m just waiting on my sim card to arrive in the mail. Please tag me if you do the review.