Introducing Clear Choice Plans

Last week, we unveiled the largest range of new product improvements in the history of Republic Wireless: new phones, a second carrier partner, and an all new software architecture that enables fast updates to your phones. All of this runs on our patented Adaptive Coverage™ technology. Today we are announcing another piece of the Republic 3.0 puzzle - new plans. In this post we’ll lay out the details of our new plans and give you some context for how these plans came to be.

First off…we call them the Clear Choice Plans. These plans offer incredible savings, in a simple package…here they are:

We have plans up to 10GB, see the full lineup here.

Same Mission, New Plans

If you’ve been a customer for awhile, you know we’ve had a variety of plans over the years. We started with $19, moved to $10/$25/$40 (1.0 Plans) and last year introduced Refund Plans (2.0 Plans). If you’re wondering why we’re changing again, the answer is simple: At every turn we’re trying to create the best plans paired with the best service and technology Republic has to offer. The Clear Choice plans are the next evolution, and paired with our new phones and carrier partners, they push the savings even further for even more people.

How did you decide on these plans?

In our last update, we described all the feedback we’ve received regarding Refund Plans. Over the past year we’ve talked to hundreds of customers and surveyed thousands. We talked to members on Refund Plans and members who’d decided not to switch from our 1.0 Plans. We tried to understand what they liked, what they didn’t, and what they wanted us to add. We know everyone is different, but there were common threads in the feedback.

  1. Refund plans were polarizing. We heard everything from “The Refund Plans are a stroke of genius.” to “$55 for 3GB is a joke!” Many of you told us you want something simple, something you didn’t really have to “figure out”, but still delivered incredible savings.
  2. 1.0 plan members didn’t resonate with Refunds. When talking to 1.0 members, the most common reason they didn’t switch to Refund Plans was they wanted access to more data at a lower rate. Others cited that they wanted the comfort of knowing their bill is going to be the same every month. As of today, only 38% of our Refund Plan customers are ones who’ve switched from 1.0 plans. This feedback was a driving force in evaluating and re-evaluating our plans for the next evolution of Republic.
  3. We found a better way… We set out to build something more of our members would love. In our research discussions with members, we found that simpler options were strongly preferred to more complex ones. Specifically, when we tested the Clear Choice Plans 80% chose them over the existing Refund Plans. In the end we found the Clear Choice plans were more broadly appealing to members and prospects alike.

In summary, Republic 3.0 isn’t just new plans, it’s an entirely new service offer. We have a new carrier partner, a new technical foundation, and a broad selection of the best Android phones on the market. This is all great stuff - these are the keys that have unlocked all the cool things we announced last week, but they also have different technical and cost implications for us. All of these changes were factors in the design of our new Clear Choice plans, including moving the base price of $15 for unlimited talk and text.

We understand some of you would prefer we stay with a Moto only portfolio of devices, on the Sprint network, at the current $10 price point (that option will still be available on our current Moto E and G devices). However, based on all the discussions and feedback from our members, we decided the majority of our members would prefer the benefits of Republic 3.0 at a $15 price point vs. the more limited device/ network offerings at $10.

If you’re an existing member, you might have specific questions about your plan and your phone. We’ve put together an FAQ that should answer most your questions: Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs.

How do these plans compare?

Each of our new plans includes Unlimited Talk & Text over WiFi and Cell - delivered via our Adaptive Coverage Technology that provides high-quality coverage in more places.

With the Clear Choice plans, you can select a plan that includes as little as 1GB of LTE data (for only $20!), up to as much as 10GB of data. Or, stick with our popular unlimited Talk & Text only plan for $15/month, which is half the price of offers from the big carriers1. All plans include calling and text messaging to Canada and the US territories (and we are looking to add more soon). As always, there are no contracts, and you are free to change plans anytime. If you run out of data, there are no overage charges - you can upgrade your plan from your Republic App for the rest of the month.

The new plans are savings simplified. At 1GB, these plans are less than half the price of comparable offers in the market today from the big carriers. Best of all, they offer savings for people with a broad range of data needs - Clear Choice plans are 58% less than the average big carrier price for 1GB of data, and 35% less for 4GB and continue to provide savings up to 10GB. In case you are wondering which of these plans would fit best for you, our data shows that 85% of our members would be fine on our $20 1GB plan.


Prices based on Verizon & AT&T Postpaid Plans, May 2016

We could make more comparisons (to other MVNOs, etc), but, this blog is long enough already and we’re happy to address any questions in the community dialog to come. We purposefully structured the Clear Choice plans to be easily comparable against the big carriers. We’re confident that you’ll see the savings that the Clear Choice plans offer, and of course they don’t come with any hidden fees that will surprise you when your bill arrives.

So this is how we’ve arrived at our new plans. In the end, we think the Clear Choice plans will be more appealing to more members, whether you have 1.0 plans, Refund Plans, or you haven’t joined Republic just yet. Please check them out, and join the conversation here.

1 Offers from Pre-paid Verizon & AT&T, May 2016


I’m very disappointed that you’ve discontinued the refund plans. Without them I have little incentive to stay with Republic Wireless. I was hoping to get a new phone, but keep my current plan, but now I see that is not an option. When my 1st Gen moto G does eventually give up the ghost, I’ll likely go to Google Fi, which offers refund plans. I’ve been with Republic Wireless for a while now and have been on the whole very happy, recommending it to others. But now that I’ve learned this, I will not be recommending it any longer. You’ve abandoned the core of your identity and appeal: only charging people for what they use. You’re becoming more like every other carrier. Very disappointed.


Hi @johns.xcowad

There are markets that sell legacy devices that will sustain your current plan. I cannot tell you when they will come up for sale… :slight_smile:, :neutral_face:.

…but RW has no plan to retire your current plan. If you need a new (NEW) phone…that is true at the moment, but the cellular environment is changing all the time.

Please feel free to discuss your move/options with the community, we will be happy to assist.

Republic reduced the price of data 50% on the new plans. Offering refunds required that data cost more than “standard” market prices. While the customer may have benefitted in the end, this didn’t resonate with consumers who often don’t bother to do the math beyond the initial price glance. As a business, this didn’t work for Republic.


Are there any plans in the works to let customers who were on the 2.0 plans buy new phones from you on their old plan? That would be a great thing!


Hi @danielb.muvcuo!

Republic is not going to release anymore phones on the 2.0 platform. The process of adding a new phone to the Refund plans is incredibly complex and takes more time than either your or me could imagine. Republic has moved away from the Refund structure for many reasons including moving out of the custom ROM. In the same time it takes to add one phone to the Refund structure, Republic would be able to add multiple phones to the new 3.0 structure. All that being said, Republic’s plans are constantly evolving. Republic is constantly listening to customer feedback (like your post) and molding their plans with that feedback to make them even better! I hope this gives you at least a little insight into why you won’t be seeing anymore devices on the Refund platform. Thank you for continuing to use Republic!


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Hopefully, they will at least make the lowest price tier $10 for unlimited calling and text. I am fine with only having data over wifi, but if I buy a new phone, my bill will go up 50% :frowning:


unfortunately Republic’s underlying cost went up with the new carrier (It cost Republic more to connect to T-Mobile also with the issue They had at first with Sprint I would not be surprised if it’s cost went up also )
$15 is the new $10 (%50 seams high but any increase low number will seam large the same $5 increase on a $50 bill is only %10)
be happy Republic did not increase the 2.0/1.0 plans base price (which they could as a no contract prepay service)


Yes. However, it’s still cheaper than many alternatives.


I believe you will find the lower priced 3.0 phones available now or soon to be cost less than many of the refund plan phones did and will provide a better user experience. Over a period of two years the phone price plus service cost isn’t much different and likely less than you’d pay than when the Moto G3 was still available. For those wanting a budget phone/plan RW 3.0 is a great deal to this day.

Well, this is disappointing. It means that my monthly cost (with the refund plan) will go from less than $14 to $20. I don’t see what’s so complicated about the refund plan; you don’t have to do anything different to get your money back. I love Republic’s service, and I understand that you may need to raise your rates, but let’s not pretend that this is an all-around better deal for customers.
David Hilfiker


I think this has been hashed and rehashed. Republic says that the refund plans were found too complicated by many customers and was both driving away customers and keeping them from joining in the first place. In introducing the new plans they reduced the costs of data by 50%. Largely, all but the lowest data users will pay less for data on the new plans.


So my Clear Choice plan doesn’t refund? There’s no difference between using 0.1gb and 0.9gb? Honestly made my choice because of that. But if that’s not the case anymore, this Republic Wireless is still what I want. But I need to make sure I’m not getting the 2gb plan when I want the minimum

That’s correct. Data is substantially less expensive than in the Refund Plans and there are a handful of other benefits, such as the far improved update times (as Republic no longer has to create a custom Android update for each supported phone) however the refunds cease to exist.

It’s always best with the Clear Choice plan to start with the plan that includes the least amount of data you’re likely to use during the billing cycle. You can always upgrade if you need more data before the end of the cycle.

This will minimize your costs and prevent you from paying for a higher plan than you need the following month (if you upgrade, it’s advised to then immediately downgrade back to your usual plan – the downgrade won’t go into effect until the start of the next cycle, and this will then ensure that the next billing cycle starts with the usual plan instead of the one that costs more).


I consistently got refunded $7 from my $20 v2.0 plan since January because I use 512Mb pretty consistently each month. I have recently read that amount of data is actually pretty standard. I don’t understand why RW is now offering 0 or 1Gb, but not that in-between


The price would not actually change much if they offered 512 instead of 1GB (they are only charging $5 for the first GB as it is).

It would not be half of the current cost since the current pricing is based on the fact that not everyone will actually use the full 1GB amount.

They have a lot of information about how much data their customers actually use, and lots of feedback about what they want. One of their big challenges is to set prices that are a good deal for customers, but that also allow them to have a bottom line that keeps them in business.


I totally agree with this because i am in the same situation with my current phone. I have been a loyal customer and ive had this phone for maybe more than 3 years. I know its time for a new one but i do want my refund plan. If google has that option I will definitely check them out.


Overall I’ve been disappointed with the instability of the plans. The intense competition in the industry seems to be driving down costs, but my republic bill keeps growing with each new plan I’m forced to change to - despite fairly constant data use.


It’s a clear choice that I’ll be sticking to my 2.0 refund plan! $12 bucks a month after taxes is better than $26ish as I rarely use data with my +512mb add-on. I only use data if I absolutely need to & have never gone over 100mb. If a better plan than this doesn’t come out by the time my 2.0 compatible phone dies I’ll be forced to switch to another provider; as you no longer offer these 2.0 phones…

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