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Hi @abrahamr.btps4x
I think the Clear choice plans are affordable for 1g & 2g plans. Sorry you feel like you do. I like my refund plans too but eventually I will have to switch to 3.0 phones & plans.

Okay, so I bought my wife a new phone Moto G5 Plus. Her old phone (Moto X 2nd gen) was on the Refund Plan. So I went thru the activation process and to my surprise the only plan selections are Clear Choice.

I’m really struggling to understand why RW must change plans, which will actually cost us more. Really disappointed. Looking like it’s time to move onto a new provider.

This is Republic’s official response to this exact question.

“Republic Wireless Clear Choice plans are an entirely new offer and have tons of new features like wider range of phones, more timely phone launches, faster Android updates, and a Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) experience. With these features, we’ve also made changes to price points.”

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I switched from the 1.0 $25 plan to a clear choice plan. With taxes and my beta discount I am now paying $23.80 so the Clear Choice is cheaper for me for 1GB of data. I never use more than 250MB of data anyways. When I stayed with the $25 1.0 plan I didn’t have internet when a dump truck ripped about a mile’s worth of Cox Cable out.


You didn’t mention the $29 beta plan in your pricing history for those purchasing the discounted Defy XT.

The $29 plan was an oddity, it was only offered for a short while in the beta time [just before the value of the defy dropped [ it was a save $100-$150 on the phone but pay $10 more for the beta plan]
there was never a plan or official way to get the cheaper plan I was recommending buying a used Defy {when one could be activated} and doing a hot potato to switch (activating the used one as a line upgrade changing the plan to the $19 and if their defy was in better condition reactivate it as a replacement and then keep the extra phone as a spare or sell it) this is no longer doable [since July of 2016 when Defy activation stopped being supported

Republic plans history as I recall and been told [I join after the beta program]
$19 beta unlimited everything no MMS buggy as was a beta product
$29 discounted phone same service as $19 beta just cost more
1.0 $5 WiFi only, $10 Unlimited talk and text, $25/$40[3G/4G] for 5 GB of data soft cap and an bonus 5 GB data once per 6 months if needed, and 100 MB soft cap roam and an bonus 100 MB roam data once per 6 months.
1.1 the 1.0 plans with roam data change to a hard cap 25 MB
1.2 the 1.0 plans with no data roaming
2.0 refund plans $10 unlimited voice and text, data add on for $15 per GB [roaming data with an 18.3 cost multiplayer] any unused data was refunded for per MB cost, $5 WiFi plan option after first billing cycle
2.1 the 2.0 refund plans with a $7.50 0.5 GB data purchase option
3.0 $15 unlimited talk and text, data tiers with data being $7.50 per GB, tier 1-$5 add on for 1st GB [a $2.50 discount for low data user], tier 2-$15 add on for 2 GBs, tier 3-$30 add on for 4 GBs, tier 4-$45 for 6 GBs, and tier 5-$75 for 10 GBs.
4.0?[3.1?] To be announced next week

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Excellent summary of the steps along the way, @drm186!

The $29 option was indeed conditional and temporary as a response to the desire people had for a way to pay less for a phone initially (here is the press release).

The $29 option was not otherwise available (and, if you purchased that deal and are still using your Defy, you are still paying an extra $10/month for the plan.)

This thread is over a year and a half old, though, and the content of the announcement isn’t going to be modified now to include any additional historical info. :wink:

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I’m locking this thread as it is now here only for historical purposes.

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