Introducing My Choice, a new plan from Republic Wireless


At Republic Wireless we strive to provide remarkably simple and affordable ways for people to truly connect. With this as our goal, we’re delighted to announce a new plan structure to bring even more value to our members: My Choice.

My Choice will replace the current Clear Choice plans to bring you value and flexibility in a new, simple structure.


Pay $15 for unlimited Talk & Text. If you want to add cellular data, pay $5 per GB. The more you use WiFi for your data needs (E-mail, music and video streaming, Facebook, online gaming, internet surfing) the less cellular data you’ll need to buy.


Data can be purchased on a recurring or one-time basis. Subscribe to a recurring amount of data monthly, and add another GB whenever you run short. Size your plan to fit your needs. It’s your choice.

Remarkably Simple:

It really is just that simple, but that doesn’t mean it was an easy decision. For more insight into our decision to move to My Choice, we invite you to read today’s PWK blog post.


No problem. We’ve anticipated some of your questions, and provided answers, below. If your question isn’t on our list, just reply to ask! We’ll answer your questions as quickly as we can and update this list as needed to help others find the answers they need.

Q: Is this a price increase?
A: If you’re currently enjoying (or thinking about) our Clear Choice plan, no worries! This new plan has been designed for value and flexibility, and will not result in a price increase!

Q: Why are the plans changing again?
A: Please see the PWK My Choice Blog to understand why we are making this change.

Q: Will the Clear Choice Plans go away?
A: Yes. All Clear Choice subscribers will be automatically transitioned to My Choice at the same plan price to which they currently subscribe.

Q: I have a 3.0 phone on the Clear Choice Plan. What does this mean for me? Can I keep my plan?
A: Our Clear Choice plans are being replaced by My Choice. On December 12th we will move all Clear Choice subscribers to My Choice with no change to your plan price. When there’s a difference between the plans, we’ll add data to your current billing cycle to bring you more value for your dollar.

  • Those currently on our $15 Clear Choice unlimited Talk and Text plan will move to My Choice unlimited Talk & Text, also $15.
  • Those currently on the $20 Clear Choice unlimited Talk & Text + 1 GB plan will move to My Choice unlimited Talk & Text with 1 GB of recurring data, also for $20.
  • Those currently on the $30 Clear Choice unlimited Talk & Text + 2 GB plan will move to My Choice unlimited Talk & Text with 3 GB of recurring data, also for $30.


Q: I have a grandfathered plan on a legacy phone from this list:

  • Moto X (1st or 2nd Gen)
  • Moto G (1st or 3rd Gen)
  • Moto E (1st or 2nd Gen)

Can I keep my grandfathered plan? Can I have My Choice on my phone?
A: For our legacy members, thank you for your long-time loyalty to Republic! Our grandfathered plans will continue to apply to the phones listed above. My Choice replaces only the Clear Choice plans. When you are ready to move to My Choice, upgrade to a new phone from our online store or our list of compatible Android BYOP devices.

Q: What do I do if I need more data?
A: You have two choices. Both options are available at any time during your billing cycle and can be managed from the Republic app on your phone.

  1. Upgrade your recurring data to increase your monthly plan size. This will be your new monthly plan size until you change it again.
  2. Purchase one-time data to increase your current plan size only for the remainder of the current billing cycle. Your next month’s plan size will not be changed.

Q: What do I do if I need less data?
A: Making your monthly plan size smaller can be requested at any time using the Republic app on your phone. The change will go into effect on your billing cycle date. The change to a smaller data plan size does not affect your billing or plan size for the current billing cycle.

Q: What is recurring data?
A: Recurring data is the amount of cellular data for which you are automatically billed each month. You control the amount of recurring data by changing your plan size in the Republic Wireless app. Changes that raise your plan size are immediate. Changes that lower your plan size must be requested in the app prior to your billing cycle date to be effective for the next billing period.

Q: What is one-time data?
A: Purchase one-time data from the RW app to supplement your recurring data. When you make a one-time data purchase, data is added to your plan size for the remainder of that billing cycle period, and expires on your billing cycle date. One-time data does not automatically renew.

Q: What happens if I buy one-time data, then upgrade my plan size by increasing my recurring data?
A: When you upgrade your plan size, you’re charged for any increase in cost between your current plan size (including any one-time data) and the new plan size. If the cost difference is zero or negative, the change does not result in any charge until your next billing date, when you will be charged the rate for your new plan size.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of times I can change plan sizes or the amount of one-time data I can purchase?
A: The number of times you change your plan size is not limited, however your total recurring and one-time data cannot exceed 15GB in any billing cycle.

Q: Is data taxed?
A: We comply with all federal, state, and local tax requirements. While most states do not tax data, a few do.

Q: What happens to unused data at the end of the month?
A: Unused data expires at the end of the billing cycle date. This plan does not include refunds or rollovers for unused data, but we’re very excited about the flexibility it provides to allow you to purchase data in small amounts, as needed, to avoid excess and waste.

Q: Is roaming data included?
A: Although My Choice does not included roaming data, our cellular carrier partners offer high speed data across much of the United States. Your access to cellular data is not restricted to the region where you live, but is based on the availability of carrier partner coverage.

Q: When will all these changes take place? What will happen?
A: On December 12th, we will have a scheduled maintenance that will not affect phone service. During approximately a 24-hour period, you may see a “pending plan change order” on your account including a dollar amount. This is simply the transition in process, and will not result in any charges to your credit card.

Q: Is an update to the Republic Wireless app on my phone required?
A: We will be rolling out an update to the Republic Wireless app beginning on December 12th, and may take several days to roll out. The new app will include some new features to better help you understand your data use and make one-time data purchases possible. The app update is not a requirement; all Clear Choice plans will transition to My Choice on December 12th. Please note: You will still see the Clear Choice name and plan size in the Republic Wireless app until you update the app. You may see other inconsistencies in how the app reports your plan during this transition period, but those inconsistencies will not affect your phone’s functionality.

Q: What happens to my plan if I do nothing? Do I have to do anything for these changes to take place?
A: On December 12th your Clear Choice plan will become a My Choice plan at the same price. Your monthly data plan level will be adjusted to match our new $15 for Talk & Text + $5 per GB price structure.

Q: Is there a .5 GB plan size?
A: No. Data can be purchased only in 1 GB increments.

Q: Why can’t I buy more than 15GB of data?
A: Philosophically, we don’t believe in cell phone bills that reach $100, so we don’t offer a plan at that price.

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Yay, well done. I like the ability to buy additional data as one time.


This is pretty cool for high data users. Doesn’t really affect me though as I have a hard time using anywhere close to 1 GB. Wish there were a half gig price! Still a nice change for the people that use more.


Very nice, people using more than 1GB of data with Republic should be very pleased with this price decrease. The 1GB plan is also still very competitive on the market and is a great value for all that you get with it.


Like someone else already said, 1GB is way more than I need. How about giving us data sippers a smaller increment? Pretty please?


I think the issue is that the cost of data can’t scale linearly because it relies on a certain amount of data to be unused (Breakage) as part of the pricing. 1GB is already a small bucket by industry standards. Let’s say for instance pricing had to look like this: $15 Talk Text, $18.75 Talk Text + 0.5GB, $20 Talk Text + 1GB

Let’s forget for a second the complication this adds to the plan structure, is this sort of structure really attractive to save $1.25?


Just to be clear: Voice and text (both SMS and MMS) roaming are still included?


Indeed they are!


So let me get this straight. I’m currently on the 4GB for $45 plan – and suddenly starting tomorrow I get 2 more GB for free, plus the ability to add more at $5/GB?

If not, the graphic needs to be adjusted to clarify.

If so, well…Merry Christmas!


No change has been announced to the roaming availability.

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Merry Christmas to you as well! Your understanding is perfect!


yes you will be give the new amount of data base on the cost of your current plan (you will be able to down grad to match your usage for the next billing cycle)

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So, can you just opt for 2G for $25.00?

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yes one can set up recurring data amount at any level (up to 15 GB)
and if one needs an extra GB for this this billing cycle one can add it with out signing up for that extra GB in the next billing cycle


The tables can be a bit confusing. I had to read them a few times!

If you’re happy with $30/month, you now have 3GB for that price.

If you want to keep your default data at 2GB/month, you will now pay $25/month.


Let’s say for instance it doesn’t. Look, I’m not here to argue with everyone who comes along with a theory on RW’s business model, I’m here to whine to Republic about what I want to see in a plan for me.

And to your point, I’d be willing to pay a premium if need be. Say they’d give me 100M for one dollar. That’s double the 1GB price. I’d still save money.


Ok then, let’s stick with reality. Republic has rolled out the new plans. The new plans include data in 1GB increments. There are no smaller increments.


Well, that’s also the case now. If you use up your cell data before the end of your billing cycle and want to be able to access more, then you’ll need to purchase it. Now, the most you’ll need to pay, though, is $5 instead of $10 or $15.


I am very sadly disappointed by this change after having gotten very excited seeing an email about plan changes. I was really hoping to have a plan option for low data users. I’m currently on the 2.0 refund plan and I use between 200MB-400MB/mo. In my WORST months, I’m around $16. In an average month, I’m around $13. Without an option below $20 and 1GB in “My Choice”, I’m either stuck with my old 2.0 phone until it completely dies or I have to pay an average of $7/mo more for data that I won’t use. And without the data control built into the 2.0 app, I may end up using that data in the background, against my will, anyway. This may be great for 2GB/mo users, but for the large percentage of us who are sub 500MB users, this is no news at all…except the fact that we’re going to have to wait another 15 months or so until RW makes another change that may or may not benefit users like us.


How does it complicate anything? Over Thanksgiving I had to buy more data two days before my billing cycle. Went from 2GB to 4GB. The smaller increment would have been nice to have.

From what I read on here people want cellular data metered like electricity and water are…well they aren’t the price comes in blocks. Lobby your members of Congress to pass a law to force the FCC to regulate the industry that way.

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