Introducing My Choice, a new plan from Republic Wireless

Take a look at the Basic Data thread, Republic has been testing some ways to bring even more value to My Choice.


@Burusutazu, thanks for that. I remember seeing an email about basic data related to my wife’s phone – she actually has an ongoing data plan. This makes my point and adds a couple more things:

  1. A refund of some part (or all) of the unused portion of the last GB makes sense for anyone – even people who don’t need data most months.

  2. Though Basic Data would have worked in my case (had it been available to me), I don’t know that it meets every circumstance where an individual needs a but more data.

  3. By incentivizing people to give themselves a bit more cushion, more of the data people used would likely be paid for – people giving themselves a bit more room would be less likely to run into Basic Data.

  4. Until Basic Data is out of testing (I don’t think it is yet), it’s not really something one would want to depend upon in an emergency. In those situations, you don’t want to be depending on something that may or may not be there.

From Republic’s testing of Basic Data, it seems clear that they recognize that something is missing. And they’re right. But Basic Data isn’t a universal solution – you have to have a data plan (something I only get the couple times a year that I’m traveling) to get the cushion. I don’t expect Republic to give me free data (nor would that be reasonable), but paying for monthly data to cover the once every couple years that “something comes up” when WiFi is not available isn’t really a good solution either.

I think it makes sense to have Basic Data as an emergency solution, but I do think it makes more sense if it’s more available. I think refunding the unused portion of the last GB would do that.

That hasin’t been a requirement at RW for a long time. The My Choice plan now makes it easier than ever. Choose $15 talk/text plan for monthly billing then add 1GB or more when needed.

Yeah, if you look at my initial post you’ll note that in the situation that I found myself, entering my non-trivial password (all passwords should be, right?) in order to increase my data was not a good (or safe) option just then. And as I pointed out in my follow-up: it would appear from the testing of Basic Data that Republic recognizes that something is missing.

My intent is not to complain, but to suggest an improvement that makes Republic’s plans even better. :grinning:

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I’m sorry, but this announcement is DISHONEST. It claims that it will NOT result in a price increase. For those of us who use less than 1 GB per month, it has resulted in a price increase. Saying to drop the $5 data options is BS spin. I need less monthly data, not NO monthly data. For those of us who have seen our bills go from the low teens to over $20 per month, this is a slap in the face. Especially for those of us who have been with Republic since the beginning. This is a huge disappointment being lied to like this.

My Choice” plans were the replacement for “Clear Choice” plans. There is no price increase between the “My Choice” and “Clear Choice” plans (My Choice is the same cost or less than Clear Choice. Now if you’re coming from one of the even older (but still available for older phones) “Republic Refund” plans, you may see a price increase if you were using small amounts of cellular data.


As the other poster pointed out, this is not a price increase over the Clear Choice plans.

For those who use under .667 GB per month, it is a price increase. However is still a challenge to find many options less than what Republic charges in that range. And it’s rather unrealistic to think that there will never be a price increase for service ever.

My base plan is actually less than when I started on the old beta plan, since I get the beta discount. But sometimes it’s more, sometimes less. But regardless, Republic is still a very good price point for low data users.


Just wanted to say thanks to for all the feedback and ideas coming in. My team at Republic is responsible for making the decisions on our plans. We are always looking at ways to make our plans better for more people and make a great business while doing it. I want to just say thanks, your feedback is valuable. We are listening.


Through the years RW has implemented many plan changes. Many of those times they didn’t FORCE customers to the new plan. In this case it’s disappointing that they have done so. I understand re-tooling plans to stay competitive, but also to maximize profits, but the option to grandfather existing customers should still be there. “My Choice” was not my choice at all! “No Choice” would be more fitting.

There are technical reasons as well for why the plans changed (this has also been covered quite a bit previously). Because the service now operates through the app, whereas it was baked into the ROM in the legacy phones, it’s not as simple as just offering the same plan on the unlocked phones.

The plan I started with on my first Republic phone, the Defy XT (arguably the best plan Republic has offered) could not be transferred to the phones after that, either. Still, there are Defy users today continuing to use the plan, just as users of the legacy Moto phones can continue to use their current plans on any legacy Moto phone.

And, I’m still paying less than I was for my 300 minute $30 plan on the flip phone I was using before coming to Republic 5 years ago. :slight_smile:


There’s been three.

Beta to unlimited… Forced
Unlimited to refund, going to be forced but not with a significant cuttack to unlimited (no data roaming).
Refund to Clear Choice, forced if moving to New phone.
Clear Choice to my choice forced, but in no place is it a cost increase.

Based on that history, they have actually not grandfathered often.

I do get disliking a plan change, but at some point we have to decide if it’s worth the change or not. For me, it’s never been a big deal. Obviously for others that’s not been the case.

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I’m paying around half of what my wife and I paid with Sprint, and we had no data with Sprint at all. Plus limited minutes and texts.


Some people use barely any data. A half gig at the same pricing would be a savings of $2.50 a month. That’s a lot of money to someone on a fixed income.

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There are lots and lots of threads on this. A half gig wouldn’t cost $2.50. That’s not the way cellular pricing models work. Because the model relies on “breakage”, where data goes unused, a half GB would have to cost more, $3.50 or $4.00 or may not be viable at all at these prices. Republic has heard and understands that there are some that would like this option, if there was an easy answer, they’d have done it already.


Republic’s stance is that it is not technically practical to offer a refund plan with the new phones that do not have the custom ROM that the legacy phones had. Anyone can believe that or not.

Republic could have offered people on the refund plan a discount on the new plans such as the 10% discount that they still give to original beta members and that continues when plans change. That would reduce a lot of the anger. Of course Republic had to decide whether it would be worth it to do so. I believe that that would increase customer loyalty. I certainly hesitate to switch carriers and give that up even though it only means a couple of bucks a month. Republic either didn’t consider that for refund customers, or thought about it and decided not to.

Hey @royrose

I like reading your post(s). I am not sure there is any ‘hate’ per se’, but you express your take on the cellular industry, and that is great!. Could/Should/Would are things we consider everyday in life, cool to to see you apply that to RW’ds community.

RW is RW, their community is us, and I love it.


I am still waiting for my SIM card, but this type of plan would be ideal for me. As I’m almost ALWAYS on Wi-Fi. I generally use between 20-100MB a month of data on TextNow (that’s included in my plan). I wouldn’t mind unlimited 2G though either, as I don’t (personally) care about high speeds since I don’t use it enough to care about it. lol

This is really disappointing to me, as I’ll be paying over double my current monthly bill and get no extra functionality whatsoever.

That said, $20+tax/month is still really cheap, especially for 1GB of data. All I ask is that you give us a little more control over our data selection, which I thought was a big priority in RW’s business model (use WiFi in place of cell data, right?).

  • Give us smaller increments of data to purchase (at least 0.5GB if not 0.25GB).
  • Allow rollover data (since it doesn’t cost you any extra anyway…), whether you roll over 100% of what was unused or even if it has a decay over time, anything would be appreciated

I’m a big fan of RW, and these plans are still really cheap for what they are; however, these plans just don’t seem like RW to me. It’s getting away from the concept of using WiFi and heading towards the typical cell phone companies’ goals of getting you to use/pay for data. Stay true to your origins, RW! That’s what sucked me in.

As has been outlined before, both of these break the model. The $5 data price is only sustainable because people leave data on the table, so frankly, the effective price is higher. Doing either of the things you suggest would require that the data be closer to (or the same as) the Refund plans where it was $15/GB. Unfortunately for data sippers, the market is generally not favorable as the vast majority of customers want the ability to use their data at a per GB price of a lot less than $15/GB.


Republic is the only company that I know of that does WiFi bonded calling with automatic switchover. Maybe that costs more than people think. I personally have not found data anywhere for less than $5 per gigabyte, however I have found plans with less than a gigabyte available. Also I have found plans with unlimited talk and text and 1 gigabyte high speed, unlimited 2g speed for $14 which is significantly less than Republic’s 1 gigabyte plan ($20 currently). This makes me think that we are paying more for calling/texting than for data. For me however the WiFi bonded calling is important as there are areas (with WiFi) around me that no carrier has service at so Republic is a Great fit for me.

I’m always looking for ways to save money and wish that plans could be less expensive but as far as I know, Republic is the second least expensive cellular provider out there and their extra features/abilities make it worth staying with them.

Only thing that I would add to my Republic plan (at the same price point) to make it perfect would be unlimited “slow” data.

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