Introducing My Choice, a new plan from Republic Wireless


or don’t because such regulation will likely be the end of pricing innovation in the industry.


I’d like to say Brovo Zulu to RW for listening to members, their self-reflection and introducing the stellar My Choice plan.


I think this is great I’m on a limited income (I’m sure many of us are). I still have a Moto G on the refund Plan, my wife is on 3.0. The wifi calling is great, the very few times I have needed help, Republic has always come through. They have even gone above and beyond. For those who use almost no Data, it’s a very small increase over 2.0. I have had better service and value with Republic Wireless than any other carrier I have had in the past. I never enjoy having to pay more, but I still think Republic is the best value for my needs. The wifi has allowed me to make calls in areas where a cell signal would not get through. This is my 2 cents for what it’s worth.


I currently have one phone with 2GB and seldom go over it. Instead of going to 3GB, will I be able to drop back to 2GB a month and save the 5.00 dollars? You chart does not show that as an option. Though I am thinking I can drop it to 1GB and then raise it to 2GB, a royal PIA


You can absolutely make this change and it will go in to effect the next time you are billed.


Fair enough. When will the 512Mb, 256Mb, and 128Mb tiers coming then? I also want my phone to make a modern sound every time I use cellular data as well :rofl:


So soon. But my understanding is that you will purchase it a bit at a time. And you can’t buy more than one bit per purchase, so you’ll need to make multiple purchases to get to the tiers you’d like.


You speak of returning to your original focus with this plan… but continue to stray from it. From Beta forward, Republic’s model was less expense to the community through offloading traffic onto WIFI whenever possible. Save us money and we’ll save you money. Instead of rewarding those who buy into that model, like you did with the refund plan, you charge data sippers in a way that supports others not so frugal with the goal of the community. Now, other competitors are finding ways to undercut Republic’s offerings. I will find myself shopping services when my current phone is at its end life (or before). I was a beta user back in the days of the Defy, was very loyal to Republic, but have become disenchanted by a changed path forward.


Here you go, @jco42!


Datally from Google has been effective for me in replacing the control I had in my 2.0 phone.


Ah sweet memory lane … some of us grew up debugging networks by listening to the beautiful sounds on the line


I think part of the issue is that the definition of “data sippers” changes over time. 5 years ago it was very different than in today’s world of unlimited plans. For the market, 1GB of usage IS data sipping.


That may be true but RW has at least in the past and on several occasions referred to breakage publicly as a negative industry practice. For example, “breackage is the dirty little secret of the wireless industry.”

In the last week the term breakage has been repeatedly used by several members in replies to member’s concerns and suggestions. Why all the negative and defensive relies? Some self-reflection by those discounting other members suggestions and concerns may be warranted.


I think Republic REALLY REALLY wanted to make a case that breakage was a bad thing, and that they could be different in the market. I think that this intention was squashed by the realities of the market. Unfortunately good intentions don’t always yield good business results.


Well I, for one, really like the changes that this plan brings. More flexibility than the previous Clear Choice plans for when I need to quickly add 1 GB. As for the rest of you, it’s a bunch of people with 4±year-old phones who want to complain about $5/month. I don’t think they’ll be happy with anything. Haters gonna hate.


In a true emergency, wouldn’t $5 be more than worth it?


Actually not squashed, Clear Choice plans above 2GB had a lot more potential breakage and thankfully RW backed away from that.


I think you are right in a sense. There will never be a perfect plan for everyone. Someone is going to be disappointed about something.



We can’t design a plan around some unique one-off situation that may never happen. Our support team is friendly, fair, and member-focused, and would not hesitate to do the right thing for a member in this situation.


Since we were talking about the previous plans, I was referring to the per KB metering on data that was much more expensive.