Introducing, Republic Anywhere!


Today, we’re breaking the boundaries of communication yet again! We’re extremely excited to announce the first official release of :anywhere: Republic Anywhere!!

Republic Anywhere is a suite of apps that lets you use your Republic phone number to send SMS (text) and MMS (picture/group) messages from any of your compatible devices.

Many of you helped us by participating in the Anywhere BETA over the past several months, and today we’re proud to officially launch Anywhere to all of our members!

We believe Anywhere is going to make communicating with those you love, easier than ever. If you’re not familiar with Anywhere, check out our latest PWK post, Meet Republic Anywhere : Our FREE Texting App is here!, for more information.

Also, be sure to check out our new Help Center documents, including our Anywhere FAQs.

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Two thumbs up for “Anywhere”!!!
So far I love it! Connected my devices flawlessly. Great job RW!


I was Beta testing it and it worked perfect after I set it right a couple months ago.
Thanks for the help @jons :sunglasses:

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Wohoo!! I tried this today, and it’s awesome!! I’ve been using Whatsapp on my laptop a lot to communicate with people that have that app, but this is a game changer because it’s much easier for me to type on my keyboard. I probably easily type 60-70+ wpm because I’ve been typing for around 17 years.

I immediately did a group text to 4 of my non RW friends about this feature. One expressed that she wished she had something like this. She said when she tries to type on her phone with two fingers, she feels like she’s back in the Dark Ages. Also, she hasn’t had the best success with voice commands as well.

Great job everyone! :slight_smile:


I very disappointed that RW put out a gimmick e-mail for Anywhere.

This any device* kind of asterick thing is something we wanted to get away from the big carriers.

RW started this with the beta saying any device and guess what…doesn’t work on tablet. Provided feedback during the beta, never heard anything, app was publicly released and guess what… ANY means SOME.

Also, I had to uninstall it from my tablet as it basically became a virus in that it WOULD NOT SHUT DOWN. I manually shut it down (Force Stop) and even then when I hit my hot list button it would come back and tell my device was not supported and NO WAY to get rid of it even if I didn’t select it.

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Hi @yavanius,

Thanks for taking the time to write up your feedback and express your disappointment. We never intend to disappoint our members, and I’m very sorry that was the result of the E-mail you received.

We’re very excited about Republic Anywhere and the short- and long-term plans for it; perhaps we were a little too excited… We will continue adding supported devices, so please don’t give up on being able to one day add it to your tablet.


You meant well, but I sincerely believe RW should’ve spend some more time
hashing it out before a widespread release. You got the computers and you
got the phones… but you left out the middle. A lot of folks like using
their tablets for e-mail and reading as well as web activities. Anywhere
would be a natural extension.

BTW, you might look at Chrome devices too. I haven’t checked on the latest
development in a little whiles but a lot of progress was being made on
running Droid apps on Chrome so you might be able to just support those
devices without having to specifically program for Chrome.


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Thanks @yavanius,

Your point is well-made. We’re having a meeting mid-week to discuss all the feedback we’re receiving from so many different directions, and I’ll make certain your voice is heard.


I love Anywhere on my phone and computer. However, recently it has started acting really buggy on my Windows 10. I opened a ticket and from a suggestion there uninstalled and reinstalled but still having issues. Anywhere doesn’t launch. When it does launch, it crashes within a few hours. Anyone else experiencing this? I keep my OS really up to date and restart fairly regularly (weekly)

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I do not have that at all on mine. I do get the issue where when the computer is awakened from sleep, that it asks me to log in again. If I do log in, I get two instances of the same program that crashes. If I cancel the login and reopen the app it does not ask me to log in and works fine.

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Love Republic Anywhere, no longer losing texts for days! Please get it on tablets as soon as you can.



Kudos to @dereks.fkw9t2 I am glad to see you’re happy. The kind words for the Anywhere team will be appreciated “I am sure”.


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I am a Defy XT user, when I go to the Google Play store and try to download Republic Anywhere, I get the message “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”. Will the Defy XT be supported by this app in the future?

I’m also a Linux user. I noticed the desktop app has Mac & Windows installers. Is there any plan for Linux support in the future?


The Defy was the Beta phone on an very out dated OS (Gingerbread) I don’t see Republic putting the effort to get this working with it (similar with MMS on the Defy) if it helps at all even the Jellybean Moto X 1st and phones on Kitkat are also not supported (5.1 is the lowest version of OS supported
the Defy is now 5 years old (since first released in 2012 support ended in 2013) and even them it had outdated spec (2011 phones had similar specs as the Defy) even Google play services has stop supporting the Gingerbread OS


Hi @carl_corder

I do not think your Defy XT will ever work with RWA, however I have been wrong before once or twice…:stuck_out_tongue:

As for you second question, how about this…
How to Install Republic Anywhere on Linux – Republic Help


To add a reference to the above responses:
Republic Anywhere Minimum System Requirements
states in part:

Android Phones

Android Phone’s using version 5.1 or higher

Message an
Expert customer