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In July 2016, we proudly launched the new Republic Clear Choice plans. We designed Clear Choice to provide a simple, straightforward approach to choosing a cell phone plan, while still offering great value to our members. With the simplicity of the Clear Choice plan, we were able to introduce a wider variety of Android cell phone options, as well as allow for a wide portfolio of bring-your-own-phone options. We have spent the last fifteen months listening to you, our members, and continuing to evaluate our offer to ensure we are bringing you the best value in wireless. We’ve also spent…

Data it worth the change?
$10 more per month, Not much more offered
Disappointed about being made to switch plans to upgrade my phone
Notable Newbies: Welcome!
$10 more per month, Not much more offered
Moto G6, better & worse than the G1

This is a step in the right direction, but…it’s still not of any value to me. I routinely pay between $13-$16/month for all the text and talk I want, with a rather minor amount of data with the refund plan. I don’t see how paying $20+ for the same level of service is helping me.
I was excited when I saw the email; my Moto X is definitely past due at this point. But this is not the plan for me, and is clearly not a choice.


Ditto for me … I have 2 phones and just sip a little data each month … so a bill of about $32 on old 1.0 refund plan. I’d update to the newest phones in a heartbeat if I could keep my old plan.


This is fantastic!! I love being able to add data right from my phone app. I missed that feature and am glad to see it back!


Also, the table in the email sent is misleading. It could be interpreted incorrectly with only a quick look. The third column should read “Additional Cost Over Old Clear Choice Plan”. A fourth column with the total cost would not look as good for Republic, but it would be more transparent.


Wow, such a welcome and positive change. Just yesterday I was thinking how much I miss the old Refund plan, and this is a nice step in that direction. The ability to chose a lower monthly data amount and then add a single GB for just $5 when I need is perfect. Thank you!!


I don’t see the value in My Choice Plan. Why pay more for something I don’t need. I use about 300 MB of cell data. If you offered a rugged flip phone, I would be willing to pay more. I really hate these idiot phones that idiots thing are smart phones when they are worst at actually being a phone. Give me a real wireless phone and I will gladly pay more.


Sounds like RW wants every phone owner to pay at least $20/mo no matter what! Maybe if RW would provide a free phone every 2-3 years, the Clear Choice Plan might make sense. When my phones MotoX die, I’ll most likely be moving to another carrier or purchase a pre-loaded phone. RW was great at first, but sadly, it seems that they have adopted the corporate greed business model. RIP RW!


This would still be an increase of 30-40% above my current 2.0 plan, and so I can’t be excited about this option. It seemed that the original target of RW was customers were willing to pay for what data they used, and I really appreciated that approach. It seems that vision has been lost, and so I have to consider whether I am ok buying a full gb of data when 75% of it will be unused and donated to RW.

If this incremental plan structure is really the only scheme that is possible for the current phone configurations, maybe RW could offer choices with scales that better reflected usage of the community. If, as stated, 90% of the community is using less than 2 gb of data, then why are those 90% forced to choose between two plan options?
That’s not much of a choice. Instead of 1 gb, 2 gb, 3 gb plans, why not 0.125 gb, 0.25 gb, 0.5 gb, 1 gb, 2 gb plans?


This is awesome!! I don’t have Internet at home and am always burning through data or going to a coffee shop/library if I want to do a data heavy task. Thanks VW!


I have to agree with several others here. My wife and I have been Republic members since beta and currently have Moto X phones with refund plans, mine for 512Mb and hers with 1Gb. We NEVER go over our data allotments and have almost always gotten refunds. This is a disappointing change. Our family is giving us new phones for Christmas, a welcome and needed upgrade at this point since the Moto Xs have become frustrating and are about at the end of their useful lives. But now to have to pay more for service when our usage is unlikely to change is most disappointing. Sorry to see RW heading this direction.


I find it interesting that at of 10am CST on 12/11/2017 the only positive posts to this new plan are from people who’s photos are displayed in the icon. Those of us who posted negative comments did not bother adding a photo to our accounts. It likely means one of two things. Either we with no picture are not willing to reveal ourselves, or Republic Wireless is seeding the forum with positive comments to try to cover over the negative comments.

Makes you wonder if RW really developed the new plan by listening to its subscribers, or if they only listened to the voices in their heads.

I’m not saying that My Choice is a bad plan, it is just not better that what RW has offered in the past.


Although better, this plan still lacks the flexibility of Google Fi (you can buy data by the .1G) or the low price of a service like Mint ($15 includes 2G).

Republic had been a leader in both these categories in the past. This is still frustrating. I’d like to stop paying extra for our loyalty.


This sounds like more incentive for me to stick with my older plan (unlimited data for $25/month on an old Moto X). I had been thinking about switching to the refund plan, since I typically use 300mb or less each month. I liked having the option (just in case I ever NEED more data one month), and was going to give it a while to see if such a situation ever arose. It hasn’t, so I was about to consider switching to the refund plan, where I’d pay closer to $16/month. But now that that’s not an option, and I would be paying for 1gb even if I only use 50mb, it sounds like a bit of a ripoff. Hopefully my phone lasts long enough that I can still pay $25 for unlimited data when RW inevitably changes their plans so the minimum is $50/month for 5gb.


There is no additional cost at any level over the Clear Choice plans. It’s break even at $15 and $20, less expensive thereafter.


Well I’m sure that this is welcome news for those customers who get an automatic upgrade and can’t get no more data for the same amount of money for grandfathered plan 1.0 customers like me you offer nothing I can use. I live in a fairy Lee rule area where most 4G LTE phones to fall to 3-g most of the time anyway so for me to be on the $25 a month plan that gives me 5 gigabytes of 3-g data, there is little value in making the switch. The only improvements would be that when I’m in the city I have 4G LTE and that I would have roaming. But those are two things I don’t really need. I don’t really understand why anyone needs 4G LTE since you can perfectly well stream a video like an NFL game for instance using 3-g speed. That’s as fast as I need my phone to work ever.
The big problem I have with Republic Wireless is that you guys give me no way to upgrade or replace my phone with a new phone and keep my existing plan. Like anyone the Moto X 2nd generation that I’ve had now for over 2 years has a battery that’s failing and of course since the manufacturers use planned obsolescence as a strategy where by batteries are made to be damned difficult to replace, I am now at that crossroads where I’m about to dump Republic Wireless.

The thing that you folks at Republic Wireless don’t seem to get is that you need to beat the other MVNO carriers that you compete with. Currently MintSim at MintSim is a good example of an MVNO that you need to at least match and ideally beat in terms of what you offer and what you charge. At mintsim I can get unlimited talk and text with 5gb of 4G LTE data and roaming as well as a telephone number where I can call and speak with a human being when I need customer support 24 hours a day for … Wait for it … $20 a month plus tax. To be clear I currently pay Republic Wireless a total of $29 a month including all taxes and fees to get unlimited talk and text plus 5 GB of 3-g data, no roaming, and the need to open up a ticket and communicate online every time a customer has a simple question or problem that could be much more easily solved with a simple phone call and chat with a human being that Republic Wireless is too cheap to actually staff.
Anybody who doubts me and anybody who thinks that these new plans offer the best deal out there I was it to them self to go to mintsim. Com


I have to agree with the majority of people here, a step in the right direction but for me it will double my monthly payment , I pay between 12-14 a month. I have the refund plan with 0.5GB. Even the 15 dollar plan is more that what I pay now…


Exactly, simply, first GB was 5$, second and all after were 7.5$, now price of second and all other GB are flat 5$, simple as that, we should stop whining.


I apologize for the limitations of voice recognition software with regard to my previous entry. English actually is my first language although it may not seem to be so. Just read between the lines and interpret.


RW forgot the original group of people signed up due to need of low data usage. RW miss the opportunity to bring this group of subscriber in from old refund plan by not offering 0.5gb option. there must be cost to maintain 3 different plans. i wonder about RW business decision. beware competition is catch up.