Introducing the My Choice Plan


Ambassador “Andreas” had a nice chart depicting this in the other thread. Legacy users with low data use will see a price increase of 100% (or, more accurately, 99.9…%).

Small amount of data on Refund: $10
Small amount of data on the “Choice” plans: $20


No amount of cell data is available for $10 on Republic’s refund plan structure. Please see here: Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund – Republic Help. Minimal use with a refund might not be much more than $10 but it won’t be $10.


Got it. You’re talking about 1KB of usage? Even a small webpage is going to result in less than 99.9%. I’m sorry, but saying 100% is just a false argument.


If it is apples to oranges, it is because that is RW’s plan to change me from an apple to an orange. Please read my numbers and message. The logic is why pay $15 for talk/text when I pay $10 for talk and text. (A new phone would force me to pay 50% more for the same service.) RW is hoping that I will pay 50% more for the same service. But I find the idea of a 50% increase so distasteful, that I would be forced into paying double what I currently pay and get data. But instead of paying 50% more for the same service, I am switching carriers.


If that’s the best choice for you, then that’s exactly what you should do. $10 is not a market price for unlimited talk/text. As an example, Cricket charges $25 (No MMS), MetroPCS $25, T-Mobile $25, etc etc.

$15 is very competitive in the unlimited talk/text space, but if you have a company that fits you better, then you should absolutely do business with them!


Technically speaking, the refund plans don’t require a custom ROM even though Republic has enforced that requirement. The custom ROM allows users to block data access on a per app basis. Republic could still see total data use and issue refunds without a custom ROM. If that were not possible then they would not be able to enforce any data cap on any plan.


why is it scary for a company to announce a Price Reduction
just before a holiday? (this is an reduction from Clear Choice 2+GB tiers plans to My Choice plans)

1st not every one celebrates Christmas, the majority may be Christians(I am in this batch) in this country there are sill lots of Atheist, Jews, Muslims, Hinduism, Buddhist, Wiccans, many of these do not care about Xmas


I have to agree with most of these comments. The new My Choice plans are a step in the right direction, but it continues to discourage those of us who fall in the .5gb or below category. The group that according to Republic and others on the boards is a very small minority and therefore not really important enough to worry about eventually losing. If the My Choice plans included .5gb with the $15 Base plan I think they may have come close to a home run with these new plans, well except for any of those who still want a plan with more than 4gb of data. The thing is, for those people there are plenty of other options for unlimited.


Given the base on My Choice (and Clear Choice as well) is $15 for talk, text and no cell data, you’re asking for that 0.5 GB for free?


I currently have the Refund Plan with .5gb data. My base price is $17.50 BUT because I use a small amount of data my actual price is around $12.00 ( Dec $11.56, Nov. $12.03, Oct. $12.49) no body is asking for free stuff, what we saying is that this is an increase and a $15 with .5gb data would be still an increase, don’t forget to add taxes, but at least it would be acceptable to most of us in the refund plans.


You’re missing the point. The base plan is $15 now. That’s the starting point without data. What they offered two year ago isn’t really relevant to the current plans.


You may be right, but I’m not sure it’s that simple.


And that is why I still have a Moto x first generation an not planning to upgrade .


Not an issue


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I had to replace my phone, I had to upgrade my plan. Not hapy

I am trying to stay out of this thread as much as I can but this statement is incorrect. We did and still do many of the refund calculations on the phone and without deep access to the ROM we are unable to competently handle the requirements of a refund plan. It does require ROM level access.


Too many fees and taxes are added to the Republic plans. Red Pocket only adds 38 cents to my 1000 minutes, 1000 texts, and 1GB data plan.


refund plan was ur best this is not that good of a plan. I guess going public means your just going to start screwing you customers over.


Nope, I’m asking for .5gb for $5 like the current plan I have, which is the refund plan. I didn’t think RW was giving me that for free, but maybe they are. I’m basically asking for something similar to the old $10 or $12 (I don’t recall exactly) talk and text plan to return, with a $15 Talk, Text & .5gb data, similar to the refund plan, but eliminating the refund since it is so confusing to so many. This would still cost me more money, about $2-$3 per phone or $6-$9 a month for the 3 phones I currently have on the refund plans. This would be better than the $7-$8 per phone or $21 - $24 a month for these phones with the My Choice plans that were just announced. And yes these numbers aren’t exact as taxes do and would apply on the numbers.


We really aren’t good mind readers.

Republic Wireless is a great company.